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Welcome to our data base.

844 de Havilland DHC-6 Legacy Twin Otter aircraft in some limited public detail.

150 Viking Air DHC-6-400 added so far.

Images added - 5,269 - approximate total.

Many, many more await patiently in our archive hangar. Only so many hours in a day eh?

I am currently (September/December 2023) working on my fine art,

as a result, updates here will be few and far between.

• GREEN Current Airframe - Operational

• Amber Extant but non-operational (all, or major parts of airframe exist but are unflyable; spares recovery).

• RED Written Off / Destroyed - has not been rebuilt & future rebuild unlikely.

• Gray • No current accurate info (Unable) to determine current status, location or operator. (Can you help?)

Bookmark this page to keep an eye on things - steady as she goes!

The detailed history is first, followed by images.

Some entries at present only have a few images and no data showing, although this has been transcribed, and researched, it still has to be added - gradually as time and energy permit!


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de Havilland Canada DHC-6-100, 200 & 300 - Legacy aircraft - msn 1 to msn 844.
Gradually updated in newer format with additional data - we are always adding images.

Data is hard to keep updated since this is a part-time hobby - However, the pictures never go out of date!

Viking Air DHC-6-400 - New build aircraft - msn 845 onwards.
Updated in our traditional format, with a few additional images being added from time to time, to this long running website. © 2012 - 2023

A work in progress - using as a starting point, the extensive research, collections, and legacy of our dear friend Mike Ody.

Supplimented with additions "every now and then" by Ian Macintosh and Neil Aird. © January 2012 - September 2023

Webmaster " Image restoration & scanning Compilation & Additional Research ^ :

The Michael J. Ody DHC-6 slide collection is being held intact and in safe keeping by Erik, who has his own semi-commercial web presence.

Current maintainers: Neil C. Aird " Ian S. Macintosh ^

Of course, many thanks to our former colleague and DHC-6 expert, Erik Johannesson ^

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Welcome to our Twin Otter web site for casual research!

This website was freely donated, and migrated over in 2018 - as a solid foundation to Erik's new website ventures.

We, of course, wish him every success and thank him for his previous and ongoing research and website.

Meanwhile we will, as amateur de Havilland Canada / Viking DHC-6 Twin Otter enthusiasts here at remain in this format, similar to our other websites on the DHC-2 Beaver and DHC-3 Otter, as an essential backup archive of the many images and research, collected over the years by our dear friend, the late Mike Ody.

This is a private venture, solely for the entertainment of Neil and Ian, in the original format and content they enjoy, you are welcome to browse. Since it is impossible to remove what was posted on the internet in the past, we plod merrily along, updating when we can, every now and then. We are not experts by any means and cannot devote our full time efforts on maintaining this website.

We endeavour to keep it interesting for everyone who appreciates the Twin Otter.

This website is not funded in any way, other than any welcome donation from viewers, like you.

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"Production lines - Now and Then"
Photo: Matt Salkeld © 2011 - Aird Archives
Photo: DHC © 1974 - Neil Ayers Collection