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msn 868
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400
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msn 868

Series 400



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• C-FAFI Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC. 15-Aug-2012.

Noted at Calgary, AB in overall primer 05-Oct-2012, 10-Oct-2012, 13-Oct-2012 & 17-Oct-2012.

Flew 17-Oct-2012 Calgary, AB - Spokane, WA for painting and returned 02-Nov-2012 Spokane, WA - Victoria, BC are painting.

Planned Ferry flight 10-Mar-2013 Victoria, BC - Whitehorse, YT with a flight time of 6 hours and 3 mins and Whitehorse, YT - Anadyr-Ugolny, Russia. 7 hours & 39 minutes. However after almost crossing the Bering Strait, short of Provideniya the aircraft reversed course and it landed back at Nome, AK.

Revised continued ferry flight 14-Mar-2013 Nome, AK - Anadyr-Ugolny, Russia. 17-Mar-2013 Anadyr-Ugolny, Russia - Magadan-Sokol, Russia - Khabarovsk, Russia. 18-Mar-2013 Khabarovsk, Russia - Vladivostock-Knevichi, , Russia - Cheju, South Korea 19-Mar-2013 Cheju, South Korea (RKPC) - Taipei-Taoyuan Int'l, Taiwan 20-Mar-2013 Taipei-Taoyuan Int'l., Taiwan - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 21-Mar-2013 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur-Subang, Malaysia 23-Mar-2013 Kuala Lumpur-Subang, Malaysia - Langkawi-Int'l., Malaysia.

Note: The aircraft flew up to the island of Langkawi, where it will serve as the Viking Series 400 display aircraft at the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition which ran between 26 and 28-Mar-2013.

Delivery continued 31-Mar-2013 Langkawi-International, Malaysia - Johor Bahru, Malaysia 02-Apr-2013 Johor Bahru, Malaysia - Jakarta-Halim, Indonesia.

• C-FAFI Canx and removed from register on export to Indonesia 22-Apr-2013.

• PK-OCG PT Airfast, Indonesia. Regd 22-Apr-2013.


C-FAFI at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: Dave Subelack © 13 October 2012
C-FAFI at Victoria - CYYJ, British Columbia.
Photo: Brian Maddison © 02 November 2012
C-FAFI taking on fuel at Whitehorse - CYXY, Yukon.
Photo: Yukon Spotter © 11 March 2013
PK-OCG at Balikpapan -WALL, Indonesia.
Photo: Mas Kentungs © 15 November 2021 - Aird Archives