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msn 351
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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msn 351

Series 300

CF-CST • C-FCST • N353PM • J8-VBP • N353PM • HB-LUC • PK-BAE


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• CF-CST de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out -Jun-1973. First flight Jun-1973.

Note: Used as demonstrator May to June 1973 including Paris Air Show.

• CF-CST Delivered to Air Transit, 19-Jul-1973.

• CF-CST Sold to Government of Canada, Dept of Transport, Aircraft Services Directorate, Ottawa, ON. 03-May-1976.

• C-FCST Re regd to Government of Canada, Dept of Transport, Aircraft Services Directorate, Ottawa, ON. 03-May-1976.

• C-FCST Sold to BBS Aircraft, Water Valley, AB. 03-Oct-2000.

• N353PM Sold to Kevin Hack, Ketchikan, AK. 09-Jan-2001. Operated by Promech Air, Ketchikan, AK.

• N353PM Sold to N353PM LLC., Ketchikan, AK. 26-Jul-2001. Operated by Promech Air, Ketchikan, AK. 26-Jul-2001.

Incident Ketchikan, AK. 19-Jun-2002.The aircraft N235SA was moored at a dock. The passengers were boarded, and the two pilots were finishing preflight duties. The airplane's engines were not running. Moored at the same dock, about four feet behind N235SA, was another float-equipped deHavilland DHC-6, N353PM. Both airplanes were being operated as sightseeing flights. The pilots of N353PM had completed their pretaxi checks, and the engines were running. The pilot in command of N353PM signaled the dockhand to disconnect the shore power. The dockhand disconnected the shore power, and without direction to do so, let go the mooring ropes. N353PM, under idle power, surged forward into the tail of N235SA. Both airplanes received substantial damage. Company procedures at the time of the accident directed the dockhand to wait for a signal from the pilot before letting go the mooring ropes. Post-accident the operation has been moved to a longer dock, to provide greater distance between airplanes. The procedure has been changed, and the first officer is now responsible for releasing the mooring ropes at the direction of the pilot.

• J8-VBP Leased to SVG Air (St Vincent Grenadine Air) Arnos Vale, St. Vincent. 31-Mar-2004. Regd 20-Apr-2004.

• N353PM Returned from lease to Pro Mech Air), Ketchikan, AK. (N353PM LLC, Ketchikan, AK). 10-May-2005. Regd 23-Jun-2005.

Flew Murrieta - Boise - Springbank - Calgary - Iqaluit - Reykjavík - Altenrhein 18/22-May-2005.

• HB-LUC Sold to Zimex Aviation, 25-May-2006. Regd15-Jun-15-Jun-2006. Canx 12-Oct-2012.

Noted at Bratislava, Slovakia 08-Aug-2012 in Zimex c/s, again 24-Sep-2012 in full PT Air Born c/s.

Ferried via Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt 04-Oct-2012, and Singapore-Seletar 08-Oct-2012 on delivery to Indonesia.

• PK-BAE Leased to Air Born, (PT Air Born), Jakarta, Indonesia. Delivered 12-Oct-2012.

• HB-LUC Zimex Aviation, Glattburg. Regd 22-Oct-2014.

Ferried via Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt 23-Nov-2014 on return to Zimex at Altenrhein, Switzerland.

• Current •

CF-CST at the Downtown Montréal, Québec, STOL Port.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 30 April 1976 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-FCST when with Transport Canada.
Photo: Unknown photographer © July 1976 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-FCST at Bromont - CZBM, Québec.
Photo: Michael J. Ody © August 1985
C-FCST "456" at Montréal / Dorval - CYUL, Québec.
Photo: S. Pagiolo © 18 July 1990 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-FCST with rudder lock on, at Ottawa / Uplands - CYOW, Ontario.
Photo: Andy Graham © 31 January 2000 - Michael J. Ody Collection
HB-LUC at Altenrhein - LSZR, Switzerland.
Photo: Erich Kuntz © February 2007
PK-BAE of AIR BORN receiving attention at Bratislava - LZIB, Slovakia.
Photo: Peter Psenica © 24 September 2012.
HB-LUC back at Altenrhein - LSZR, Switzerland.
Photo: Keith Blankham © 22 january 2015 - Erik Johannesson Collection