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msn 914
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400
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msn 914

Series 400

C-FMJO (6)


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• C-FMJO (6) Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, British Columbia. Regd 02-Oct-2014. Canx and del to Indonesia 30-Apr-2015.

Flew 08-Dec-2014 Calgary, AB - Spokane, WA 22-Dec-2014. Calgary, AB - Spokane, WA for painting at Ikhana Aircraft Services.

Delivery 13-Apr-2015 Victoria, BC - Comox, BC. On 14-Apr-2015 Comox, BC - Anchorage, AK. On 15-Apr-2015 Anchorage, AK - Anadyr-Ugolny, Russia. Between 17/18-Apr-2015 Anadyr-Ugolny, Russia Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia - Vladivostok-Knevichi, Russia. Between 19/20-Apr-2015 Vladivostok-Knevichi, Russia - Seoul-Gimpo, South Korea) - Taipei, Taiwan. Then 21-Apr-2015 Taipei, Taiwan - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Finally 27-Apr-2015 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia - Jakarta-Halim, Indonesia.

• C-FMJO (6) PT Airfast Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia. Delivered 27-Apr-2015.

• PK-OCH PT Airfast Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia. Regd 30-Apr-2015.

Flew Merauke, Papua, Indonesia – Horn Island, Qld. 20-Jun-2017. Presumed to Cairns for maintenance.

• Current •


C-FMJO (6) at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: yyce3 © 03 December 2014 - Erik Johannesson Collection
C-FMJO in AIRFAST Indonesia livery now, at Victoria.
Photo: Tim Martin © 08 January 2015
C-FMJO on delivery, at Taipei - RCTP, Taiwan.
Photo: Jeff Chang © 20 April 2015 - Erik Johannesson Collection
PK-OCH at Cairns - YBCS, Queensland, with long survey appendage.
Photo: fnqskies © 22 June 2017 - Aird Archives
PK-OCH at Surabaya / Juanda - WARR, Indonesia.
Photo: Zico Ramadhan © 06 December 2018 - Aird Archives
PK-OCH at Balikpapan - WALL, Indonesia.
Photo: Mas Kentungs © 15 November 2021 - Aird Archives