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DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 200
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Series 200


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N64150 de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 24-May-1968. First flight 17-Jul-1968.

• N64150 Aero Commuter, Long Beach, CA. Delivered 24-Jul-1968.

Airworthiness date; 24-Sep-1968.

Incident; Avalon, Catalina Island 12-Nov-1968. Damaged on landing. Hard landing, Aircraft porpoised and nose gear collapsed. Returned to service after repair.

• N64150 Catalina Airlines, Long Beach, CA. Circa Dec-1968.

Note; Wore Aero Commuter and Catalina Airlines titles from delivery through mid 1969.

• N64150 Merged with Golden West Airlines. Van Nuys, CA. Regd 15 Jul-1969.

Service Difficulty Report 16-Sep-1974. Pilot lost electrical power on approach to Aairport. Found main power CB popped. Unable to get right generator on line.

Service Difficulty Report 04-Feb-1976 Altimeter reading low.

Service Difficulty Report 22-Apr-1976. Fire warning light on right engine came on for approx five minutes during flight. Found defective probe in accessory section of engine. Changed probe and checked okay.

Service Difficulty Report 01-Oct-1979. Lh wing outer flap hinge arm, 2nd from outboard had intergranular corrosion at bottom inboard face of hinge arm. Replaced.

Service Difficulty Report 18-Jan-1980 Pilot reported Fuel leak under fuselage. Replaced No.1 aft boost pump pressure switch.

Service Difficulty Report. 14-Apr-1982. Right propeller started to Auto feather. The Beta switch was replaced.

• N64150 Withdrawn from use between 22-Apr-1983 to 12-Apr-1984. Location unknown.

• N64150 Sold to Newcal Aviation, Little Ferry, NJ. Regd 12-Apr-1984.

• N64150 Sold to Coastal Express International Airways, Reno, NV. Regd 13-May-1987.

• N64150 Repossessed by Fairchild Federal Credit Union, Spokane, WA., and stored at Ontario, CA. Regd 22-Aug-1987.

• N64150 Sold to Barron Thomas Aviation, Dallas, TX. Regd 27-Jun-1988.

• N64150 Kenneth Spiva, Amity OR, dba Wildcat Airways, Amity, OR. Regd 17-Nov-1988.

• N64150 Sold to Paralift Inc, Perris Valley, CA. Regd 15-Jul-1992.

• N64150 Sold to Perris Valley Skydiving Services, Perris, CA. Regd Jul-1992.

• N64150 PM Leasing Inc., Perris, CA. Regd 01-Apr-1993.

• N64150 Leased to Perris Valley Skydiving Services, (P.M. Leasing Inc., Perris, CA), Perris, CA 01-Apr-1993.

Incident Unknown location.16-Sep-1994. Nr.2 engine failed on takeoff. Returnedand landed safely. Power turbine disk failed.

• N64150 PM Leasing Inc., Perris, CA.(Skydive Perris, Perris, CA,) Regd 01-Nov-1994.

Flew Perris, CA – Safford, AZ on 03 Sep-2015 for repaint by Jetcrafters for repaint and returned to Perris, CA., on 03-Oct-2019.

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N64150 in Golden West livery.
Photo: Unknown photographer © August 1969 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N64150 of Golden West at Los Angeles - KLAX.
Photo: Steve Bailey © Date unknown
N64150 of GOLDEN WEST at San Diego - KSAN, California.
Photo: John Kimberley © March 1981 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N64150 of Skydive Perris at Perris - L65, California.
Photo: Unknown photographer © date unknown - Erik Johannesson Collection
N64150 great action shot at Perris.
Photo: Gary Vincent © 01 February 2020 - - Aird Archives
N64150 between flights.
Photo: Robbie Shaw © 03 March 2020 - Aird Archives