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msn 372
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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msn 372

Series 300

(N224RM) • N24RM • 5N-BAN • N17GL • C-FTWU


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• (N224RM) Rolled out incorrectly painted Oct-1973. First flight - Oct-1973.

• N24RM Re painted and re regd to de Havilland Canada Inc,. Downsview, ON.

• N24RM Delivered to Great American Management Services, Cincinnati, OH. 16-Oct-1973.

• N24RM Leased to Rocky Mountain Airways, Denver, CO. 16-Oct-1973.

Accident: Cheyenne 27-Feb-1979 Rocky Mountain Airways Flight 801, crashed into rolling terrain shortly after takeoff in visual flight conditions from runway 34 at Cheyenne Municipal Airport, WY (CYS). Two passengers were injured slightly.

The DHC-6 Twin Otter had arrived at Cheyenne at 07:56 after a flight from Denver. Fourteen passengers boarded for the return flight to Denver. The left engine was restarted and at 08:03, the aircraft was taxied to the threshold of runway 34 for takeoff. The tower gave the flight an IFR clearance to Denver. About 08:05, after selecting 10 degrees of flaps and arming the propeller autofeather system, the crew began takeoff. According t o the first officer, near 65 kts, back pressure was applied to the control wheel and shortly thereafter, the aircraft lifted off. The aircraft continued to accelerate after liftoff to about 90 kts, the best-angle-of-climb speedAbout 150 ft agl, the captain heard a bang and a roaring noise as the aircraft yawed to the right.

The prop autofeathered and the airspeed dropped from 90 kts to 85 kts. The flight crew stated that since they could not maintain both altitude and airspeed they were forced to sacrifice altitude to maintain flying speed. When it became apparent that a forced landing was inevitable, the aircraft was turned toward an open area; the speed of the aircraft was 82 kts. The flaps remained at 10 degrees to aid in choosing a landing spot among the large knolls on the terrain. The first touchdown was made close to stall speed, and on the main gear on the upslope of a large, grassy knoll. A slight dip in the knoll caused the aircraft to bounce slightly. The aircraft became airborne again as it traversed the crest of the knoll and then touched down again on another knoll about 30 yards away. They stated that the aircraft again became airborne and it was necessary to use some power to prevent a stall on the downslope side of the second knoll. The aircraft touched down a third time on top of a fence which surrounded a fire station. The left main landing gear separated from the aircraft. The aircraft slid through a chainlink fence and hit several barrels of oil located behind the fire department. The barrels of oil ignited, but the aircraft slid past them and did not catch fire. The aircraft came to a stop about 30 yards past the fence.

• N24RM Sold to Rocky Mountain Airways, Denver, CO. 15-Jul-1979. Ltd.

• N24RM Rocky Mountain Airways (Continental Express), Denver, CO. 03-Aug-1986.

• N24RM Sold to Pal Air International Inc., Reno, NV. 22-Jul-1988.

• N24RM Sold to Global Equipment Leasing Ltd., Reno, NV, 17-Aug-1988.

• N24RM Leased to Aerocontractors of Nigeria, -Jan-1989.

• 5N-BAN Re regd to Aerocontractors of Nigeria, 27-May-1992.

• N17GL Returned to Global Equipment Leasing, Reno, NV, Jun-1999.

• N17GL Leased to Benavia, Geneva, Switzerland. 22-Aug-1999.

• N17GL Sub leased to Air Algerie, Algiers, Algeria, 2000.

• N17GL Returned to Benavia, Geneva, Switzerland, 2001.

• N17GL Returned to Global Equipment Leasing, Reno, NV, Jan-2002.

• C-FTWU Sold to Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, Springbank AB, 17-Dec-2003.

• C-FTWU Leased to Alberta Central Airways, Lac La Biche, AB. 21-Jun-2004.

Flew 28-Feb-2014 Springbank, AB - Regina, SK - Winnipeg, MB 01-Mar-2014 Winnipeg, MB - Thunder Bay, ON -Timmins, ON - Chibougamau, QC - Wabush, NL - Goose Bay, NL.

• C-FTWU Air Labrador Ltd., Goose Bay, NL. Regd 17-Apr-2014. Canx 20-Nov-2014.

• C-FTWU Ashe Aircraft Enterprises Ltd (Rocky Mountain Aircraft), Calgary, AB. Regd 26-Nov-2014. Canx 29-Dec-2014 on export to Maldives.

Flew 06-Dec-2014 Springbank, AB - Iqaluit, NU. Then 07-Dec-2014 Iqaluit, NU -Keflavík, Iceland followed by 08-Dec-2014 Keflavík, Iceland - Malmö, Sweden.It continued 09-Dec-2014 Malmö, Sweden - Nis, Serbia and 10-Dec-2014 Nis, Serbia - Hurghada, Egypt. Followed by 11-Dec-2014 Hurghada, Egypt - Salalah, Oman and finally 12-Dec-2014 Salalah – Male.

• 8Q-TAE Trans Maldivian Airways, Male, Maldives, 31-Dec-2014.

• Current •


N24RM of ROCKY MOUNTAIN AIRWAYS in a busy hangar at Opa Locka - OPF, Florida.
Photo: N. Chalcraft © October 1971 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N24RM with ROCKY MOUNTAIN at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: D. Dunsmore © 30 August 1985 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N24RM viewed from the other side.
Photo: Michael J. Ody © July 1986
N24RM after repaint for CONTINENTAL EXPRESS, at Calgary - CYYC.
Photo: Anthony J. Hickey © August 1986 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N24RM in service, shown here with N25RM (msn 764).
Photo: Unknown photographer © June 1988 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N24RM without titles, at Toronto - CYYZ.
Photo: Michael J. Ody © 20 January 1989
C-FTWU by Dave.
Photo: Dave Subelack © 03 March 2012 - Aird Archives
C-FTWU at Fort Chipewyan - CYPY, Alberta.
Photo: Jason Bryant © 2012
C-FTWU at Makkovik - CYFT, Newfoundland & Labrador.
Photo: L.G. Andersen © 30 September 2014 - Erik Johannesson Collection
Photo: Thomas Jones © 31 December 2014 - Erik Johannesson Collection