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msn 66
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 100
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• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• CF-ARC de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 23-Aug-1967. First flight 06-Sep-1967. 

Note: Richfield merged with Atlantic Refining Company in 1966 to become Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO). 

• CF-ARC Rocair (Richfield Oil Company). Delivered 05-Sep-1967. 

• CF-ARC Name change to Atlantic Richfield Canada, Calgary, AB. Regd May-1970. 

CF-ARC Merged into Petro Canada Exploration, Calgary, AB. Regd Feb-1977. 

• C-FARC Re regd to Petro Canada Exploration, Calgary, AB, Jan-1979. 

• N166DH Sold to Jack Wall Aircraft Sales, Memphis, TN. Regd 11-Sep-1986. 

Airworthiness date: 14-Nov-1986. 

Noted at Ontario, CA 25-Jan-1987 and at Burbank CA 06-Jul-1987 still in Petro Canada colour scheme but no titles. 

• N166DH Leased to Ameriflight, Burbank, CA Regd 06-Jul-1987. 

• N166DH Returned to Jack Wall Aircraft Sales, Memphis, TN. Nov-1987. 

• N166DH Leased to Gold Coast Air Taxi, West Palm Beach, FL. Dates unknown. 

Noted at Carlsbad/Palomar, CA 27-Nov-1987 in Gold Coast Air Taxi colours. 

• N166DH Returned Jack Wall A/C Sales, Memphis. TN. Regd Date unknown. 

• N166DH Sold to Pal Air International,Tonopah, NV. Regd 12-Feb-1990. 

• N166DH Beau Del Leasing US, Las Vegas, NV operating for Ashe Aircraft Enterprises Calgary, AB, Regd 03-May-1990. 

• C-FIED Transferred to Beau Del Leasing Ltd., Calgary AB. operating for Ashe Aircraft Enterprises Calgary, AB. 07-May-1990. 

• N166DH Leased to Freefall Express, Rochester, NH. 20-Feb-1991. 

• N166DH Sold to United Parachute Express, Keene, NH. 08-Feb-1996.  Operated by Freefall Express, Rochester, NH. Regd 13-May 1996. 

• N166DH Sold to Freefall Express, Keene, NH. Regd 20-Mar-2006. 

• N166DH Leased to Sussex Skydive LLC., Williamstown, NJ. Regd 06-Apr-2006. 

• N166DH Returned to Freefall Express, Keene, NH. 23-Jun-2006. 

Note: Reported with Raeford Aviation sometime between Apr-2006 and Feb-2008, however there is no documentation showing a sale or a lease. 

• N166DH Sussex Skydive LLC., Williamstown, NJ. Regd 21 -Feb-2008. 

Airworthiness Certificate Suspended – effective 14-Feb-2012. 

• N166DH Sold to Sky Lift LLC., Lewes, DE. 13-Feb-2015. Resvd 12-Feb-2015 Regd 09 Mar-2015 & 29-Apr-2015. 

• N166DH Sold to SDP LLC., Lewes, DE. 08-Feb-2016. Regd 19-Mar-2016. 

• N166DH Sold to Randigo LLC., Wilmington, DE. Regd 19-Jul-2019. 

Accident: Cedartown Polk County Airport, GA. The skydiving plane struck a Panzl S-330 aerobatics plane (N540ML) while on Cedartown-Polk County Airport, Georgia, USA . It is understood the Twin Otter’s near dusk takeoff commenced before the S-330, which had just landed, had cleared the runway. According to the FAA both aircraft sustained substantial damage in the collision. Crew and passengers escaped unhurt. The Twin Otter was flyable by 14-Oct-2019 when it flew to Thomaston for further repairs.  It was able to return to Cedartown, GA on 18-Oct-2019 and was back in service on 20-Oct-2019.

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CF-ARC at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: Ken McTavish © Early 1970's - via Trevor McTavish
CF-ARC working on Mellville Island.
Photo: Lloyd Bjorndalen © Spring 1974
CF-ARC appropriately registered for Atlantic Richfield Canada.
Photo: John Kimberley © October 1976 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection - Aird Archives
CF-ARC at Edmonton Municipal - CYXD, Alberta.
Photo: John Kimberley © April 1977 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N166DH earlier in her career at Carlsbad - CLD.
Photo: Heiko Hauptreif © August 1988 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N166DH sporting Canadian flag and Code "2"
Photo: J. Burch © 1994 - Michael J. Ody Collection