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msn 29
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 100
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CF-CSB • C-FCSB • N220YK • C-FCSB • N229YK


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• CF-CSB de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 14-Jan-1967. First flight 15-Feb-1967

• CF-CSB Chevron Standard Oil, Calgary, AB. Delivered 22-Feb-1967.

• CF-CSB Title changed Standard Developments Calgary, AB. May-1971.

Accident: 10Ml NE of Whitefish, YT. 15-Mar-1973. The aircraft stalled without warning during final approach. The nose was lowered and power applied but the wheels struck a snow ridge at the beginning of the strip as the aircraft started to climb. Minor damage to the aircraft. No injuries reported to two crew and the three passengers

• C-FCSB Title changed to Chevron Canada Resources, Calgary, AB., and re regd May-1984.

• C-FCSB Sold to Bannock Aerospace, Toronto ON. Oct-1986.

Note: Withdrawn from use and stored at Calgary AB. Oct-1986.

• C-FCSB Sold to General Aerospace, Toronto, ON. dba Skywalker 19-Dec-1986

• C-FCSB Sold to 339699 Alberta, Calgary Alberta / Yellowknife Leasing dba as Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, Calgary, AB. Regd 17-May-1988.

• N220YK Transferred to Yellowknife Leasing, Las Vegas, NV. Regd 04-Apr-1990.

• N220YK Leased to Sound Adventures Air Services, Mossyrock, WA. Regd Apr-1990.

Noted at Lake Hood, Anchorage, AK Jul -1990 still in basic Chevron c/s with Sound Adventures Air Services titles.

• N220YK Returned to Yellowknife Leasing, Las Vegas, NV. Regd Oct-1990.

• C-FCSB Transferred to 402677 Alberta dba Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, Calgary, AB. Regd 24-Oct-1990.

• C-FCSB Leased to Ptarmigan Airways. Yellowknife. NT. Regd 20-Nov-1990.

• C-FCSB Returned to Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, Calgary, AB. Regd Sep-1991.

• C-FCSB Leased to Harbour Air, Vancouver, BC. Regd 08-May-1991.

• C-FCSB Returned to Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, Calgary, AB. Sep-1991.

• C-FCSB Transferred to Beau Del Leasing, Springbank, AB. Regd 20-Sep-1991.

• C-FCSB Leased to Trans Provincial Airlines, Terrace, BC. Regd 15-May-1992.

• C-FCSB Repossessed by Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, Calgary AB. Regd 28-Feb-1993.

Ferried: Prince Rupert – Vancouver on 17-Mar-1993 for float removal, and then Vancouver to Springbank, Calgary on 31-Mar-1993

• N229YK Transferred to Yellowknife Leasing, Las Vegas ,NV. Regd 02-Apr-1993.

Airworthiness date:29-Apr-1993.

• N229YK Leased to Skydive Centre of Greater Washington. MD. Mar-1993.

• N229YK Transferred to Alberta Aircraft Leasing, Las Vegas, NV. Date unknown. Lease continued with Skydive Centre of Greater Washington. Maryland.

• N229YK Returned to Alberta Aircraft Leasing, Las Vegas, Nevada. Regd 16-Dec-1996.

• N229YK Leased to Skydive Arizona, Eloy Arizona. Regd 18-Jan-1997.

• N229YK Returned to Alberta Aircraft Leasing, Las Vegas, NV. 1997

• N229YK Leased to Skydive Monterey Bay, Monterey, CA. Regd 08-Nov-1997.

• N229YK Returned to Alberta Aircraft Leasing, Las Vegas, NV. 01-Jun-2000.

• N229YK Leased to Skydive America, Pahokee, FL. Regd 2000.

• N229YK Sold to Blue Skies Unlimited, Wellington, FL. Regd 03-Dec-2001. Lease continued.

• N229YK Transferred to Clouds Edge Ranch, Boca Raton, FL. Regd 03-Dec-2001.

• N229YK Repossessed by Banyan Air Service. Regd 06-Feb-2003.

Note, Actual reason for repossession unknown but possibly in lieu of unpaid storage or maintenance charges.

• N229YK Sold to Advantage Asset Holdings, North Palm Beach, FL. Regd 20-Mar-2003. Regd 18-Jun-2003.

Note: Sale managed by JAS Aircraft Sales and Leasing, Jacksonville, FL.

• N229YK Sold to F & M Aviation, Boca Raton, FL., 20-Oct-2003. Regd 23-Sep-2003.

• N225CS Re regd to F & M Aviation, Boca Raton FL. Regd 14-Nov-2003.

• N225CS Sold to A.A. Gifford Electric, Manhattan, KS. 12-Mar-2004.Regd 30-Jul-2007.

• N225CS Aircraft Portfolio Management, Georgetown, Grand Cayman. 30-Jul-2004.

• N225CS Sold to National Aerotech, Hampton, Atlanta, GA. 05-Jul-2005. Regd 03-Aug-2005

• N225CS Transferred to National Aerotech Aviation, DE. Regd 03-Aug-2005.

• N225CS LLH Services, Wilmington, DE. (c/o Delaware Corporation LLC) Regd 15-May-2008. Canx 13-May-2011.

Note: Last known flight activity as N225CS noted was 25 to 31- Mar-2006 when the aircraft flew Hampton-Raleigh – Bangor - Goose Bay - Reykjavik, Iceland Wick, UK - Laystadt, Holland – Rhodes, Greece -Larnaca, Cyprus -Amman, Jordan.

Registration subsequently cancelled 13-May-2011. Reason unknown.

Note: It is a possibility that this aircraft has been operating in Iraq since 2014 and being used by the Iraqi Intelligence Service.

Status Unknown

CF-CSB at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: Anthony J. Hickey © November 1978 - Michael J. Ody Collection
CF-CSB at Fort St. John - CYXJ, British Columbia.
Photo: Brent Newberry © December 1982 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
C-FCSB at a cloudy Calgary - Springbank - CYBW, Alberta.
Photo: D. Dunsmore © September 1989 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N 220YK at a rather overcast Lake Hood, Anchorage, Alaska.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1990 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-FCSB at Yellowknife - CYZF, Northwest Territories.
Photo: Chris Buckley ©18 March 1991 - Aird Archives
C-FCSB at Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1992 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N229YK tied down at Eloy.
Photo: Unknown photographer © January 1997 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N229YK ready for jumpers at PHK - Pahokee, Florida.
Photo: Michael J. Ody © 14 May 2000