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msn 857
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400
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msn 857

Series 400



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• C-GVVA (2) Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC. Regd 28-Nov-2011 & 06-Jan-2012. Canx 18-Jul-2012.

Flew 23-Jan-2012. Calgary, AB – Spokane- International for painting and returned Spokane, WA – Victoria, BC 05-Feb-2012.

Ferried: 10-Mar-2012 Victoria - Port Angeles, WA - Redding, CA - Murrieta -French Valley positioning to the Ikhana Group for pre-delivery modifications.

Ferried: 11-Apr-2012 Murietta-French Valley, CA - Sacramento Executive, CA. 12-Apr-2012 Sacramento Executive, CA - McMinnville, OR - Spokane, WA 14-Apr-2012 Spokane, WA - Victoria, BC.

Noted at Victoria 25-Apr-2012, on amphibious floats then again on 10-May-2012 on wheels.

Note: Delivered 26-May-2012 Victoria via La Ronge, SK-Churchill, MB. 27-May-2012 Churchill, MB-Pangnirtung, NU. 28-May-2012 Pangnirtung, NU - Akeyuri, Iceland. 29-May-2012 Akeyuri, Iceland - Wick, UK. 30-May-2012. Wick, UK - Altenrhein, Switzerland where amphibious floats were fitted.

Note: Did they carry them with them as the ones at Victoria were painted in aircraft trim or were they new, or were they transported separately?

Flew 21-Jul-2012 Altenrhein, Switzerland - Vienna-Wiener Neustadt, Austria - Timisoara-Traian Vuia, Romania - Bucharest-Otopeni, Romania- Istanbul-Ataturk, Turkey on delivery.

• TC-KHC Sold to Körfurs Havaçilik Turizmve Ticaret (Korfez Aviation). Operated by Gozen Air Services. 31-May-2012. Regd 18-Jul-2012.

Flew: 11-Jan-2014 Istanbul-Ataturk, Turkey - Sofia, Bulgaria - Belgrade, Serbia 12-Jan-2014 Belgrade, Serbia-  Bratislava-Stefanik, Slovakia - Altenrhein, Switzerland.

Flew: 11-Mar-2015 Istanbul-Attatürk, Turkey - Bucharest-Otopeni, Romania - Budapest-Ferihegy, Hungary

Flew 23-Aug-2015 Altenrhein, Switzerland - Ostrava, Czech Republic - Vilnius, Lithuania. 20-Sep-2015 Vilnius, Lithuania - Lviv, Ukraine Chisinau, Moldoa - Istanbul, Turkey.

• N108MG CAAMS Leasing Rutherfordton, NC. (Wells Fargo Bank, NW Trustees, Salt Lake City, UT.) Regd 03-Mar-2017. Canx 15-May-2017.

Note. Also quoted as Montrose Global Inc., London. (Wells Fargo Bank, NW Trustees, Salt Lake City, UT).

Flew 18-19-Mar-2017 Istanbul to Sharm el Sheik – Fujira and on to Kuala Lumpur for pre-delivery work at the AIROD facility, before departing to Indonesia. 

• PK-BAR Leased to PT Air Born, Indonesia (CAAMS Leasing). Delivered May-2017.

Note Also quoted as Dimonim Air, Biak, Indonesia. Reported as such. Details unknown, as well as PT Air Born Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia. [Montrose Global Inc].

Note: Was placed on new Wipaire 13000A amphibs at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 15-May-2017.


C-GVVA (2) on wheels at Victoria - CYYJ, British Columbia.
Photo: Tim Martin © 05 February 2012
C-GVVA (2) at Victoria - CYYJ, British Columbia.
Photo: Tim Martin © 25 April 2012
TC-KHC at Vienna - Neustadt, Austria.
Photo: Franz Lackner © 21 July 2012
TC-KHC on the step.
Photo: Mark Poppleton © Date unknown
TC-KHC at Istanbul, Turkey.
Photo: Körfez Aviation © 15 March 2016
N108MG at Sharm al Sheikh.
Photo: CAAMS Leasing © 26 March 2017
PK-BAR for Air Born Indonesia, at Kuala Lumpur - WMKK.
Photo: PT Air Born / CAAMS Leasing © 20 May 2017
PK-BAR at Bali.
Photo: Dreamcatcher 68 © 23 July 2017