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msn 52
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 100
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N369MA on the ramp at Burke Lakefront Airport - Cleveland, Ohio, in early colours.
Photo: Neil Aird © 30 August 1969
N52FW similar spot, sixteen months later.
Photo: Unknown photographer © April 1972 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N52FW at Boston - KBOS.
Photo: Mark Coles © August 1975 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N52FW of AIRPAC at San Francisco - KSFO, California.
Photo: Ed Terbeek © December 1987 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N52FW with Sound Adventures.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1990 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N52FW operated for MGM Grand Air by Alpha Air. At Los Angeles - KLAX.
Photo: Unknown photographer © May 1991 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N52FW at Shelton - SHN, Washington.
Photo: Duncan Kirk © May 2011 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N52FW at Stony Plain, Alberta.
Photo: Eden North Skydiving Club © 29 June 2013 - Erik Johannesson Collection