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msn 330
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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msn 330

Series 300

5R-MGE • N901WW • P2-MCZ • VQ-TGW • N901WW


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

5R-MGE de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 23-Jul-1971. First flight –date unknown

5R-MGE Air Madagascar, Antananarivo, Madagascar. Delivered 30-Jul-1971.

Flew via Sal Island - Ponta Delgada, Azores - St. John's, NL 14/20-Apr-2008 on delivery to U.S.A.

N901WW Win Win Aviation, 29-May-2008.

Airworthiness date. 02-Nov-2011

N901WW Fayard Enterprises LLC., Fayard Enterprises, Franklinton, NC. Regd 10-Feb-2011. Canx 17-May-2011.

Flew via Hollister, CA - Honolulu, HI - Majuro, Marshall Islands, and arrived Port Moresby, PNG 15-May-2011

P2-MCZ Airlines PNG Airlines of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, Boroko, PNG. Regd 17-May-2011.

Note: Delivered via Honolulu and Majoro Atoll in the Marshall Islands.15-May-2011

Accident: Sasereme, PNG 15-May-2012. The aircraft, registered P2-MCZ, departed Port Moresby-Jackson's Airport at 01:40 UTC for Sasereme. It was a regular public transport flight that had been planned to refuel at Sasereme and continue to Balimo and on to Daru. For the flight to Sasereme, the pilot in command (PIC) was the support/monitoring pilot, and the copilot was the handling pilot. The aircraft arrived over the Saserema airstrip at 02:40. While en-route, the crew was informed by the company flight operations staff that it had been raining at Sasereme throughout the previous night until morning, but the prevailing weather was fine.

The flight was being conducted under the visual flight rules (VFR) procedures. The copilot had not flown into Sasereme before, so this was a training flight for her. During the cruise before top of descent, the crew discussed the approach and landing requirements. Because of the wet, slippery and rough airstrip surface conditions and a landing weight of 5,300 kg, they agreed on a 30 degrees flap settings and a approach speed of 73 knots.

The weather, as observed by the crew, was sunny and fine with few clouds around and the wind was estimated to be light and variable (2 to 3 kt) even though there was no wind sock available to indicate the actual wind velocity. The crew opted to land on strip 14 and joined the circuit on left downwind.
Passing through 50 ft the copilot flared the aircraft and it floated in ground effect. As the main landing gear touched down on the centreline of the strip it skipped, became airborne and stayed in ground effect for at least another 20 m. On the second touchdown the aircraft yawed to the left and at that point the PIC took over the controls and applied full reverse thrust. He applied right rudder to regain the centreline, but at the same time the left main landing gear started impacting the ruts in the surface of the strip, severely degrading directional control.

The PIC subsequently reported that at that point he felt it was not safe to apply power for an aborted landing. He moved the left power lever out of reverse while keeping full reverse and right rudder input on the right engine and began pulsing the brakes. The left main wheel continued impacting more ruts as the aircraft decelerated. Eventually the left main wheel hit a deep rut pulling the aircraft sharply to the left off the runway.

That partially dislodged the landing gear from the airframe causing the left wing to impact the ground. The aircraft came to rest about 5 m from the edge of the airstrip. The PIC shut down the engines while the copilot assisted the passengers from aircraft through the right rear cabin door.

Note: Seen stored at Port Moresby, PNG Aug-2014.

Ferried: Port Moresby, PNG - Honiara, Solomons on 11-Aug-2015. Then Honiara, Solomons - Majuro, Marshall Islands 12-Aug-2015 It continued on 13-Aug-2015 from Majuro, Marshall Islands - Honolulu, HI. Then on15-Aug-2015 Honolulu, HI - Murrieta, CA where it’s ferry tanks removed. On 16-Aug-2015 it continued from Murrieta, CA - Saint Johns, AZ - Elk City, OK and finally 17-Aug-2015 Elk City, OK - Lyon-Fletcher Field, MS - Hampton, GA to the National Aerotech facility. Reason currently unknown.

• VQ-TGW InterCaribbean Airways, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. (Enterprise Lease Finance) Regd Nov-2015

Note: Last service south Caicos – Providenciales. 16-Nov-2019.

Flew Providenciales – Nassau – Fort Lauderdale executive, FL – Kissimmee, FL – Thomston, GA between 17 and 19-Nov-2019.

• N901WW Aircraft Investments Ltd. Regd 27-Nov-2019.

• N901WW TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc, Trustee, North Salt Lake, UT. SBI Leasing Services Ltd., Georgetown [BCPE Flying Paradise]. Regd 11-Dec-2019 and ferried to Fort Pierce, FL.

Note At BCPE Flying Paradise Stepco Ltd (Bain Capital Private Equity on 12 Dec-2019 and to SBI Leasing Services Ltd, Georgetown   Remaining in trust with TVPX. is at Fort Pierce being prepared for delivery to Trans Maldivian Airways imminently

Flew Fort Pierce, FL – Bermuda – Santa Maria 12-14-Jan-2012 on delivery to Trans Maldivian Airways.

• 8Q-TAM Trans Maldivian Airways, Male, Maldive Islands. (SBI Leasing Services Inc) Regd 28-Jan-2020.


5R-MGE of AIR MADAGASCAR, at Downsview, prior to the long delivery flight.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 23 July 1971 - Michael J. Ody Collection
5R-MGE in newer Air Madagascar livery, at Soalala - FMNO.
Photo: Unknown photographer © June 2006 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N901WW roped and chocked in place.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 25 October 2009 - Erik Johannesson Collection
8Q-TAM enjoying life at Maafushivaru, Maldive Islands.
Photo: Stephan Barth © 27 March 2022 - Aird Archives