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DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300

9V-BCL • XW-PHS • A-060 • XW-PKH • 9V-BCL • JA-8797 • N60ME • N190GC • TI-BDM


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• 9V-BCL de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out in 1970. First flight early 1970

• 9V-BCL Saber Air, Seletar, Singapore. Delivered 30-Apr-1970.

• XW-PHS Leased to Continental Air Services Inc’, 07-Sep-1971. Canx 19-Jan-1972. See note.

• A-060 Sub leased to Leased to Air America. Regd 19-Jan-1972.

Note: Continental Air Services, Inc., (CASI) was formed in April 1965 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Continental Air Lines Inc., to operate aircraft and ground facilities in support of oil exploration, construction and engineering projects, USAID and other US Government Agencies, e.g. the CIA. In August 1965 the company took over much of the aviation division of Bird and Sons in Laos and Vietnam, with headquarters in Vientiane.

Aircraft were interchanged between the fleets of Air America and CASI, perhaps without any change of ownership, thus adding a further complication to the compiling of fleet lists. Many aircraft owned by Bird & Sons were registered in Laos (on the XW- register) and some of the survivors were later transferred to the US register under CASI ownership many years after the take-over. With the fall of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, operations were terminated and the surviving aircraft were sold.

(Possible) Air America Service history. This aircraft was reportedly subleased from Continental Air Services Inc., on 19-Jan-1972 as XW-PHS who had leased it from Saber Air where it was regd as 9V-BCL

Having been seen at Singapore on 19-Jan-1972 the Laotian registration XW-PHS was officially cancelled on 19 January 1972 (as recorded in a letter dated 08 Jun-1972, written by His Royal Highness, Prince Tiao Sisouphannouvong, Directeur de l’Aviation Civile du Laos.) The aircraft has also been variously reported as operated by Air America or by Continental AirService Inc at this time but an Air America “Company confidential notice” about competitive aircraft operating in Laos, dated 02-May-1972 does not list this aircraft as a CASI aircraft. Official Air America documents preserved at the Air America Archives do not show any evidence either that it was really used by Air America, although it may have been used as a Project Aircraft for the wiretap mission into North Vietnam but probably such a secret Project Aircraft would not have appeared at Singapore so A-060 was possibly only a storage number used at Singapore.

It is noted as officially returned to Continental Air Services Inc on 05-Jul-1972, when it became XW-PKH and registered on 20-Jul-1972.

• XW-PKH(1) Returned to Continental Air Services Inc on 05-Jul-1972. Regd 20-Jul-1972.

• 9V-BCL Returned to Saber Air, Seletar, Singapore. Regd 30-Sep-1973.

• JA-8797 Sold to NKA - Nihon Kinkyori Airways. Regd Mar-1974.

• JA-8797 Name changed to ANK - Air Nippon Kabushiki-Gaisha. Regd 01-Apr-1987.

• JA-8797 Leased to Air Hokkaido. Regd 22-Jul-1994.

Note: Last service; Okushiri – Hakodate 31-Mar-2006.

• JA-8797 Returned to Air Nippon Kabushiki-Gaisha. Returned 18-Apr-2006.

• N60ME Leased to Grand Canyon Airlines, Grand Canyon, AZ (Monarch Enterprises Inc, Kirkland, WA). Regd 18-Apr-2006.

• N190GC Re regd to Grand Canyon Airlines, Grand Canyon, AZ. (Monarch Enterprises Inc, Kirkland, WA). Regd 30-Apr-2007. 7 14-May-2010. Canx 16-Nov-2010 to Costa Rica.

• TI-BDM Nature Air, Costa Rica. Nov-2010.

• N190GC Leased to Grand Canyon Airlines. (Monarch Enterprises Inc, Kirkland, WA.). Regd 13-May-2011.

Airworthiness date: 05-Jul-2011. Standard normal

Note: Received Vistaliner windows pre Jun-2011.

Noted: at Murrieta, CA on 08-Mar-2017 presumably undergoing Ikhana's "ReLife" program.

Accident Boulder City Municipal Airport, NV.  25-Jul-2017. A landing Eurocopter EC-130, N154GC, and a taxiing DHC-6, N190GC collided at Boulder City Municipal Airport, NV (BLD). Neither the two pilots on board the airplane, nor the pilot and six passengers aboard the helicopter, were injured. The helicopter, operated by Grand Canyon Helicopters as an aerial sightseeing flight, sustained substantial damage. The airplane, operated by Grand Canyon Airlines, was beginning a repositioning flight.

Probable Cause: The airplane flight crew’s failure to exercise the necessary vigilance and precautions and yield the right of way to the landing helicopter, which resulted in the airplane colliding with the helicopter. Contributing to the accident was the helicopter pilot’s decision to continue his descent without positively determining that the airplane did not pose a collision hazard. Accident Number WPR14LA313B

Noted: at Murrieta, CA on 08-Mar-2017 presumably undergoing Ikhana's "ReLife" program

• Current •

9V-BCL at Seletar - WSSL, Singapore.
Photo: Unknown photographer © October 1970 - Michael J. Ody Collection
XW-PHS for Continental Air Services.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c.September 1971 - Michael J. Ody Collection
JA8797 doing her rounds for ADK
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Michael J. Ody Collection
JA8797 during winter at Rebun - RJCR.
Photo: Jean - Air Teamimages © 27 January 2001 - Michael J. Ody Collection
JA8797 with some extra stickers at Sendai - RJSS.
Photo: Kazuteru Sugawara © 27 November 2005 - Michael J. Ody Collection
JA8797 at Hakodate - RJCH, on Hokkaido, Japan.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 21 March 2006 - John Rodger Collection - Aird Archives
N190GC at Boulder City - KBVU, Nevada.
Photo: Terry Fletcher © 06 June 2011