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msn 286
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300

N8286 • F-OCQD • P2-RDI • VH-FNU • F-OIAY • VH-FNU 


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N8286 de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 23-Oct-1970. First flight Oct-1970

• N8286 Ferried by Air Capital International, Augusta, KS to New Caledonia. 28-Oct-1970.

• F-OCQD Air Caledonie, Nouméa, New Caledonia. Regd 17-Dec-1970. Delivered 18-Dec-1970.

• F-OCQD Air Melanesiea, Port Vila, New Hebrides (now Vanuatu). Regd 24-Jul-1985. Canx 28-Aug-1985

• P2-RDI Talair, Goroka, PNG, Regd 20-Sep-1985. Date cancelled from PNG register unknown.

Accident: Esa’Aia, PNG 29-Oct-1992. Lost directional control on landing at Esa'Ala, PNG and as the aircraft entered the parking area it struck a 3ft hill on the western edge. The nose gear failed, and the aircraft spun around 90 degrees. As the aircraft came to a halt a fire broke out in the left engine, which was extinguished by the pilot. The Australian safety investigators believe that the left main gear tire was seriously deflated. The aircraft was repairable, and returned to service.

Returned to service following accident with Talair, Goroka, PNG. Regd 1993.

Note: Placed in storage at Goroka when Talair ceased business 25-May-1993. It was painted all white and named “The last warrior” as it was the last aircraft to depart Papua New Guinea

Ferried Goroka – Cairns 29-Sep-1993.Then Cairns – Mareeba for long term storage.

Ferried from Mareeba – Brisbane for continued storage 04-Jun-1995.

• VH-FNU Flight West Airlines, Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD. Regd 11-Nov-1996.

• VH-FNU Leased to Transtate Airlines, Archfield, QLD. Regd 03-Sep-1998.

• VH-FNU Returned to Flight West Airlines, Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD on termination of lease. Regd Jan-2000.

Incident: 28 km E Cairns, Airport  20 May 2000. The crew of the DHC-6-320 aircraft reported that during descent to Cairns they smelt smoke in the cockpit. They then noticed the battery load meter was at maximum discharge and the right generator light was illuminated. The left generator switch was moved to the OFF position, however, the generator remained on-line.

Subsequent in-flight inspection revealed that the smoke was coming from behind the right cabin roof panel; which had begun to melt and bubble. The pilot in command then contacted Cairns approach control reporting a fire in the cabin and the aircraft was cleared to track direct to Cairns. The co-pilot accessed the cabin fire extinguisher and extinguished the fire. At approximately 4NM from the airport, the co-pilot reported that the fire was an electrical fire and had been extinguished. After landing, the crew stopped the aircraft on the runway and shut down the right engine to allow the fire fighters access to the cabin. Following confirmation that the fire was extinguished the aircraft was taxied to the terminal.

Investigation by the owner's maintenance organisation found that the left reverse current relay had severe heat damage. Other components and wiring near the left reverse current relay were also heat damaged. The reverse current relay was disassembled by the maintenance organisation's engineers, but they were unable to determine the reason for the failure due to the severity of the heat damage.

• VH-FNU Leased to Regional Pacific Airlines, Edge Hill, QLD. Regd 23-May-2000.

• VH-FNU Returned to Flight West Airlines, Eagle Farm, Brisbane QLD. Regd 2000.

• VH-FNU Sub-leased to Macair Airlines, Archfield, QLD. Regd 18-Jul-2000.

• VH-FNU Returned to Flight West Airlines, Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD. Regd 2000.

• VH-FNU Returned to Regional Pacific Airlines, Edge Hill, QLD.Late 2000.

• VH-FNU Sold to Eastland Air, Toowoomba West, QLD. Regd Nov-2000.

• VH-FNU Re registered to FNU Pty. Maroochydore, QLD. Regd 15-Jul-2002.

• VH-FNU Leased to Regional Pacific Airlines, Edge Hill, QLD. Regd 10-Sep-2002.

• (F-OIAY (1)) Sub-leased to Air Loyaute, Noumea, New Caledonia. Regd Oct-2002.Intended French registration not taken up.

• VH-FNU Returned to Regional Pacific Airlines, Toowoomba West, QLD., on termination of sub-lease. Regd Mar-2003.

• VH-FNU Transferred to to Island Pacific Air, Townsville, QLD by-Jul-2006.

• VH-FNU Sold to Turbo North Aviation, Anchorage, AK. 06-Apr-2007. Canx from Australian Aircraft Register 07-Jun-2007

Ferried Toowoomba – Brisbane – Noumea – Pagp Pago – Kiritimata – Hilo – Pompona – Murrietta brtween 25-May-2007 and 31-May-2007

• N969AC Registered to Turbo North Aviation, Anchorage, AK. 07-Jun-2007

• N969AC Sold to Aero Coastal LLC. Wilmington, DE Newport Beach, CA  24-Sep-2007. Operated by NEOS GeoSolutions Inc.,, Houston TX.

Airworthiness date: 26-Dec-2007. Category – Normal.

• N969AC Wilmington Trust Co Trustee, Wilmington, DE. Regd 13-Nov-2008.

Airworthiness date: 13-Nov-2008. Category – Experimental.

• N969AC Leased to NEOS GeoSolutions Inc Houston, TX. 13-Nov-2008.

Note: photo evidence with TTI Exploration markings on tail and geophysical probe underneath nose.

• N969AC Sub leased to NEOS Argentina SA, from 31-Jan-2011.

• N969AC Sold to Gravitas Aviation Inv, Vancouver, BC. 05-Nov-2012.

Ferried: 02-Nov-2012 San Angelo, TX - Houston-Southwest, TX.

• N969AC Gravitas Aviation. Vancouver, BC (Bank of Utah Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT). Regd 16-Nov-2012.

Ferried San Marcos, TX – Joplin, MO - DeKalb, IL – 23-Jul-2013 Presumed for attention.

• N969AC Berry Aviation Inc, San Marcos, TX. Regd 24-Jul-2013.

Ferried: 21-Aug-2013.  Aurora, IL – Tulsa-R l Jones, OK – San Marcos, TX.

Ferried 18-Sep-2013 San Marcos, TX - Dayton-Wright Brothers, OH. 19-Sep-2013. Dayton-Wright Brothers, OH - Bangor-Int'l, ME  21 -Sep-2013 Bangor-Int'l, ME - St. John's, NL 22-Sep-2013 St. John's, NL - Santa Maria, Azores 23-Sep-2013 Santa Maria, Azores - Nouadhibou, Mauritania

Flew Ponta Delgado – St Johns, NL – Bangor, ME – Olive Branch, MS – San Marcos, TX 29/31-Mar-2018. The aircraft had been working under US military contract in sub Saharan Africa since departing from San Marcos on 18-Sep-2013.

Flew Bangor - KBGR, ME - PDL Punta Delgada, Azores on 04-Feb-2021 as "SXA639" Southern Cross Aviation..

• Current •

F-OCQD of aircal.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Michael J. Ody Collection
P2-RDI at Cairns - YBCS, Queensland.
Photo: Peter Keating © October 1993 - Michael J. Ody Collection
P2-RDI in the sunshine at Cairns.
Photo: Peter Keating © October 1993 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N969AC at St John's - CYYT, Newfoundland & Labrador.
Photo: Mark Stares © 21 September 2013 - Eric Johannesson Collection
N969AC at San Marcos - KHYI, Texas.
Photo: Jarrod Wilkening © 20 April 2019
N969AC at College Station / Easterwood Field - KCLL, Texas.
Photo: Yixin Chen © 01 October 2020 - Aird Archives