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msn 91
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 100
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Series 100

N8084N • N34TC • RP-C-1153


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N8084N de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 04-Dec-1967. First flight 15-Dec-1967

• CF-WIA de Havilland Canada Inc. Re regd 22-Feb-1968.

• N8084N Hawaii Jet-Aire, Honolulu, HI. Delivered 08-Mar-1968.

• N8084N Name Change to Air Hawaii, Honolulu, HI. Regd May-1968.

• N8084N Name Change to Hawaii Jet-Air, Honolulu, HI. Regd date unknown.

• N8084N Leased to Air Indies, San Juan, PR. Regd Feb-1970.

• N34TC National Aero Association, Washington, DC. Regd 20-May-1973.

• N34TC AAI - Alaska Aeronautical Industries, Anchorage, AK. Regd 29-May-1974.

• N34TC Aircraft Sales Company, Regd Jun-1976.

• N34TC B & B Partnership, Aberdeen, NC, Regd 13-Jan-1984.

• N34TC Leased to Mountain Air Cargo, Denver, NC. Regd Feb-1984.

• N34TC Sub leased to North Continent Airlines. Regd 20-Nov-1984.

• N34TC Returned to Mountain Air Cargo, Denver, NC. Regd 03-Jan-1986.

• N34TC Returned To B & B Partnership, Aberdeen, NC. Regd date unknown.

• N34TC William Simpson. Regd Dec-1985. Canx 25-May-1989.

• N34TC Pacific Airways, Manila, Philippine Islands Regd 29-May 1989.

• RP-C-1153Pacific Airways Corporation, Manila, Philippine Islands, Re regd date unknown.

• RP-C-1153Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, Springbank, Calgary, AB. Regd 05-Sep-2002.

• C-FIBI Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, Springbank, AB. t/a Rocky Mountain Air. Regd 08-Mar-2006 for spares recovery

Note: Aug-2014. Stored at Springbank, dismantled; without registration and msn sprayed on nose.



N8084N of Air Hawaii at Honolulu.
Photo: Unknown photographer © March 1969 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N8084N of JET-AIR at Long Beach, California.
Photo: Unknown photographer © May 1971 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N34TC with AAI at Anchorage, Alaska.
Photo: John Kimberley © June 1979 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N34TC at Johnstown.
Photo: Elliot Greenman © May 1986
RP-C1153 parked at Manila with RP-C1155.
Photo: Unknown photographer © August 1991 - Erik Johannesson Collection