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msn 874
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400
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msn 874

Series 400

C-GLVA (5) • S2-AHE • C-FOAE• B-55571 • C-GVVA (7)


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• C-GLVA (5) Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC. Regd 19-Dec-2012. Canx 06-Sep-2013.

Noted at Calgary in overall primer 01-Feb-2013 - 05-Feb-2013.

CADORS 01-Mar-2013.The aircraft had departed Calgary on a test flight when the crew noticed a momentary aileron control restriction during the initial turn after take-off. The crew decided to return to Calgary to identify the problem. The aircraft landed without further incident and maintenance was able to identify a foreign object interfering with the aileron controls.

Flew Calgary, AB-Spokane WA on 09-Mar-2013 for painting at Ikhana Aircraft Services and returned Spokane, WA- Victoria, BC on 22-Mar after painting.

Noted at Victoria, BC 23-Mar-2013 in full Regent Airways colour scheme, and with registration S2-AHE under sticker.

Noted at Victoria, BC on amphibious floats. 06-Jun-2013.

• C-GLVA World Wide Ferry (Planes and Parts Ltd., Turner Valley, Calgary, AB./ CAVU Aviation Finance LLC), Regd 09-Sep-2013. Canx 26-Sep-2013.

Flew Victoria, BC-Springbank, AB on 10-Sep-2013 for installation of ferry tanks.

Delivered 12-Sep-2013 Springbank, AB - La Ronge, SK. On 13-Sep-2013 La Ronge, SK - Iqaluit, NU. Then 14-Sep-2013 Iqaluit, NU - Keflavik, Iceland. On 15-Sep-2013 Keflavik, Iceland - Pińczów, Poland - Niš, Serbia. Continued on 16-Sep-2013 Niš, Serbia - Aqaba, Jordan. Then 17-Sep-2013 Aqaba, Jordan - Fujairah, U.A.E. On 18-Sep-2013 Fujairah, U.A.E. - Karachi, Pakistan. Finally 19-Sep-2013 Karachi, Pakistan - Dhaka, Bangladesh.

• S2-AHE Leased to Regent Airways, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Operated for Chevron Bangladesh on floats. Regd Sep-2013.

• S2-AHE CAVU Aviation Finance LLC., West Palm Beach, FL. Returned to USA. Dec-2015.

• C-FOAE World Wide Ferry (Planes and Parts, Turner Valley, Calgary, AB. /CAVU Aviation Finance LLC). Imported 02-Dec-2015. Regd 04-Dec-2015. Canx 10-Aug-2016.

Ferried to Taipei, Taiwan Dec-2015.

Flew to Singapore-Seletar to act as a demonstartor by Viking Air at Singapore Airshow from 11-Feb-2016 until 24-Feb-2016. Upon completion of duties the aircraft made its way back to its then base in Taipei.

On 22/24-Feb-2016 flew Singapore - Kuching - Kota Kinabalu - Puerto Princesa - Subic Bay - Kaohsiung – Taitung for delivery to Daily Air Corporation.

• B- 55571 Leased to Daily Air Corporation, (CAVU Aviation Finance), Taipei, Taiwan Aug-2016.

Accident: Orchid Island Airport, Taiwan 13-Apr-2017. Badly damaged in a runway excursion while landing at Orchid Island Airport, Taiwan after a flight from Taitung, Taiwan.  Due to a strong crosswind, the aircraft veered off the runway and hit the railing on one side of the runway nose-first, damaging its nose, left engine and wing. Three passengers suffered from scratches.

• C-GVVA (7) Viking Air Ltd (CAVU Aviation Finance). Regd 24-Oct-2017. Canx 06-Feb-2018. Exported, again, to Taiwan

Note: The aircraft had been shipped in a container to Victoria, BC for repair by Viking Air following accident on 13-Apr-2017. Noted at Victoria, BC., on 28-Oct-2017.

• B- 55571 Daily Air Corporation, Taipei [CAVU Aviation Finance]. Re regd 06-Feb-2018.


C-GLVA (5) doing engine runs at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: Dave Subelack © 14 February 2013
C-GLVA (5) at Calgary - CYYC.
Photo: Ian Kershaw © 27 February 2013 - Erik Johannesson Collection
C-GLVA (5) at Victoria after painting.
Photo: Tim Martin © 22 March 2013
C-GLVA (5) in snappy Regent Airways livery.
Photo: Mike MacKinnon © 22 March 2013
C-GLVA (5) now on amphibs at sunny Victoria - CYYJ.
Photo: Tim Martin © 10 June 2013
S2-AHE at Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Photo: Raihan Ahmed © 08 December 2013
S2-AHE in service on the water.
Photo: Bill Rogers © date unknown - Erik Johannesson Collection
C-FOAE at Taipei, Taiwan.
Photo: Jeff Chang © 15 December 2015
B-55571 in accident on Orchid Island, at Lanyu Airport - RCLY, Taiwan.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 13 April 2017
B-55571 at Victoria - CYYJ, British Columbia, before sticker was applied.
Photo: Tim Martin © 21 December 2017 - - Aird Archives
C-GVVA (7) at Victoria - CYYJ, British Columbia, the following day.
Photo: Tim Martin © 22 December 2017 - Aird Archives