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msn 87
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 100
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Series 100

(N6384) • N6387 • N64NR • N64NB • C-GSWK • N64NB • DQ-FEY


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N6384 de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 28-Nov-1967. First flight 23-Nov-1967.

• (N6384) Ordered but not taken up by Air California, Santa Ana, CA. Dec-1967.

• N6387 Re regd to de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. 04-Dec-1967.

• N6387 Delivered to Catalina Airlines, Long Beach, CA. 04-Dec-1967.

Noted at Long Beach, CA 05-Jan-1968 in Aero Commuter colour scheme but no titles or logos.

• N6387 Transferred to Aero Commuter, Long Beach, CA. Regd Apr-1968.

• N6387 Re named as Golden West Airlines Inc., Van Nuys, CA 15-Jul-1969.

• N6387 Sold to Rockwell International, 22-May-1981. Regd Jul-1981.

• N64NR Rockwell International, El Segundo, CA. Re-regd Sep-1981.

• N64NB Rockwell International, El Segundo, CA. Re-regd 05-Nov-1984.

• C-GSWK Sold to General Aerospace (Skywalker), Toronto Island, ON. Regd 26-Nov-1985.

Painted by Flying Colours, Kingston – CYGK, ON.

• C-GSWK Transferred to Skywalker Mar-1986.

• C-GSWK Returned to General Aerospace Toronto Island Airport, ON. Regd Apr-1988.

Note: Withdrawn from use and stored at Toronto Island, ON.

• N64NB Sold to Thunder Bay Aviation, Thunder, Bay, ON. Regd 1989. Canx 24-Jun-1990.

• N64NB Sold to Multitrade International Inc., Camarillo, CA. Also quoted Mena, AR. Regd 27-Jun -1990.

• DQ-FEY Sunflower Airlines, Nandi, Fiji, Regd 23-Jul-1990.

• DQ-FEY Sunflower Airlines, Nandi, Fiji, “Spirit of the North” Re-regd 02-Aug-1990.

• DQ-FEY Name changed to Regional Pacific Airlines, Nandi, Fiji. Regd 01-Jan-2002.

• DQ-FEY Name changed to Sun Air Pacific, Nandi, Fiji. Regd by Dec-2002.

• DQ-FEY Name changed to Pacific Sun, Nandi, Fiji, dba as Fiji Airways. Regd 01-Feb-2007.

• N807RT Sold to Ikhana Group Inc., Murrieta, CA. Registration reserved 12-Dec-2011. Regd 29-Aug-2012.

• N807RT Re regd to Ikhana Aircraft Holdings LLC., Murrieta , CA. Regd 17-Oct-2020.

Note: Re-life upgrade by Ikhana - completed by May-Jun-2021.

• N807RT Collier County Mosquito Control District, Naples, FL. Regd 10-Jun-2021.

• Current •


N6387 unmarked at Long Beach, California.
Photo: Unknown photographer © January 1968 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N6387 at Long Beach in Aero Commuter colours.
Photo: Unknown photographer © April 1968 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N6387 working LAX amongst the big boys.
Photo: Neil Aird © 13 September 1968
N6387 with Golden West, shown here at LAX.
Photo: Jay Sherlock © November 1978 - Aird Archives
N6387 at Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Unknown photographer © August 1981 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N64NB at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: Dave Dunsmore © 27 November 1985
C-GSWK at Kingston - CYGK, Ontario, before and after painting.
Photos: Neil Aird © 1985
C-GSWK at Toronto Island - CYTZ.
Photo: Henry Tenby © 30 November 1986 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection - Aird Archives
C-GSWK operating the Buffalo - Toronto, Ontario route.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 02 March 1987 - Aird Archives
DQ-FEY with Sunflower at Nadi - NFFN, Fiji.
Photo: Unknown photographer © April 1993 - Erik Johannesson Collection
Photo: John Mounce © 02 February 1996 - Aird Archives
DQ-FEY with PACIFIC SUN at Nadi - NFFN, Fiji.
Photo: John Mounce © 23 October 2008 - Aird Archives
Photo: John Mounce © February 2009 - Aird Archives