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msn 805
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300

• C-GEOA (3) • V2-LCN • N805AA • TI-AZQ • N42729


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• C-GEOA (3)de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date 05-Mar-1984. First flight date unknown.

• V2-LCN Delivered to LIAT-Leeward Islands Air Transport, Antigua, 27-Mar-1984.

• N805AA Sold to Atlanta Air Salvage, Griffin, GA., 09-Mar-1999.

• N805AA Sold to Joda Partnership LLC., Chesterfield, MO., 25-Jun-1999.

• N805AA Leased to Samoa Air, Pago Pago, 18-Aug-1999.

• N805AS Re regd to Samoa Air, Pago Pago, 15-Dec-1999.

Fit of Pique: 12-Aug-2000. ATC cleared N805AS flight to land on runway 26 while airport personnel were exercising on runway 26. Tower controller was not aware of situation. Personnel moved from runway while the aircraft landed and taxied for parking. After landing the Pilot in Charge approached the individuals being on the runway. They ignored him. Pilot in charge returned to dispatch and refused to fly anymore flights. (Possibly the Samoan rugby team so I don’t blame him).

Service Difficulty Report.03-Sep-2003 Left generator drop offline en route. Found left engine starter generator inoperative. Replaced left starter generator. Left engine power loss on final approach. Oil pressure and temp normal, no power available with power lever advancement. Maintenance I nspected left engine and found p3 line broken. Removed and replaced p3 line. Ground runup check satisfactory. Released for test flight. Tested for power loss and any abnormal condition on final approach. Test flight ok, no discrepancies noted.

• N805AS Returned to Joda Partnership, Town & Country, MO., 27-May-2004.

Noted at Murrietta – French Valley, CA 27-May-2004 for attention by R.W. Martin Inc (Ikhana.) .

• N805AS Sold to F & M Aviation, Wilmington, DE., 04-Aug-2004. Regd 01-Sep-2004.

Arrived San Jose, Costa Rica 07-Nov-2004.

• TI-AZQ Sold to Natureair, Costa Rica, (Coral View S.A., San Jose), 10-Nov-2004.

Accident -in jungle near Tamarinda, 16-Dec-2005. Stalled and crashed into the forest approximately 2km from the airport whilst on approach. Two crew & six passengers survived. Aircraft recovered.

• N42729 Sold to Sunshine Airspares, Plantation, FL. Regd 27-Dec-2007.

• N42729 CAAMS LLC., Wilmington, DE. Regd 14-Sep-2011 for rebuilding.

• N805WJ Re regd to CAAMS LLC., Stanley, NC. Regd 28-Oct-2014 & 07-Jul-2016. Canx 30-Mar-2018 on expiry.

Being rebuilt


C-GEOA of liat The Caribbean Airline at Downsview.
Photo: Ray Moneta © May 1982 - Michael J. Ody Collection