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DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• C-GOGC de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date Mar-1981. First flight Mar-1981.

• C-GOGC Delivered to Province of Ontario, Ministry of Natural Resources, Sault Ste Marie, ON, 26-Mar-1981.

Cadors Ottawa River, ON. 02-Aug 1997The amphibious float equipped aircraft departed Pembroke Airport, ON and was landing on the Ottawa river to pick up a water load for fire fighting. After departure from Pembroke, the pilot did not raise the landing gear. The aircraft landed on the water surface with the landing gear extended. The right wing tip contacted the water surface; however the aircraft remained upright. The right landing gear oleo, the right flap and the aileron were damaged and will be replaced. The right engine and propeller were also being replaced.

Accident: Wicksteed Lake, ON, 05-Jun-2003. The DHC-6-300 amphibious aircraft, operating out of Hornepayne. was performing firefighting operations in the vicinity of Lake Wicksteed. The aircraft was scooping water from Lake Wicksteed for the nearby fire. This was the third scooping from the lake, and the approach was flown in an easterly direction in light wind conditions. The pilot performed the inbound checks, lowered the water probes to begin filling the float water tanks, and touched down on the lake. Within a short time, he observed water spraying from the overflow vents located on top of the floats, indicating that the tanks were filled to capacity. He pressed a button on the yoke to retract the probes, and the aircraft immediately nosed over into the lake in a wings-level attitude and began to sink. The aircraft came to rest on the bottom of the shallow lake in an inverted attitude with the floats above the surface of the water. The one occupant, the pilot was uninjured (but wet);  the aircraft was stated to be written off. However it was repaired and returned to service.

• C-GOGC Re registered  to Province of Ontario, Ministry of Natural Resources, Sault Ste Marie, ON. 07-Feb-2006.

Cadors Incident. Kapuskasing. 05-Jun-2006. The amphibious geared aircraft, was landing at Kapuskasing, ON following a flight from Timmins, ON. During the landing roll, the right main wheel collapsed resulting in an excursion off the right side of the runway with the aircraft's weight being borne by the right float. The aircraft came to a stop approximately 75 feet to the right of the runway edge.

Cadors Accident, Matagami River in the vicinity of Smooth Rock Falls, ON 21-Jun-2006. The amphibious float-equipped aircraft, was conducting fire suppression activities in the vicinity of Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario. The aircraft was taking off in a south-bound direction after picking up water on the Mattagami River. Shortly after take-off, during the initial climb, the aircraft collided with hydro wires spanning across the river. The wires were cut and the aircraft incurred substantial damage. The aircraft was flown to Timmins Airport without further incident.

• C-GOGC Re registered  to Province of Ontario, Ministry of Natural Resources Aviation and Forest Fire Management Branch. Sault Ste Marie, ON 31-Aug-2007.

• C-GOGC Re registered  to Province of Ontario, Ministry of Natural Resources, Sault Ste Marie, ON

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C-GOGC shortly after delivery at McFarlane Lake, Sudbury, Ontario.
Photo: Neil Ayers © 1981 - Aird Archives
C-GOGC early in her career.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © September 1987 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-GOGC on beaching gear at Toronto Island - CYTZ.
Photo: A. Cardadeiro © 30 September 1989 - Michael J. Ody Collection
Photo: A. Cardadeiro © 30 September 1989 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-GOGC of the OMNR.
Photo: Colby Atwood © August 2012
C-GOGC at Timmins - CYTS, Ontario.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 14 September 2013 - Aird Archives
C-GOGC at Dryden - CYHD, Ontario.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 05 October 2014