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msn 729
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300

C-GPAZ • N722CA • C-FWQF • P2-MBM • C-FWQF • (9N-AEU)


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• C-GPAZ de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date Nov-1980. First flight 27-Nov-1980.

• C-GPAZ Delivered to Panarctic Oil, Calgary AB., 02-Dec-1980. Canx 05-Nov-1984

Arrived Calgary, AB 11-Dec-1980 in primer, and rolled out 11-Feb-1981 in full Panarctic c/s.

• C-GPAZ Sold to Rigel Airways, Calgary, AB. Canx 11-Dec-1984.

• C-GPAZ Leased to Ptarmigan Airways, Yellowknife, NT., May-1985 Canx 14-Jun-1985.

• C-GPAZ Returned  to Rigel Airways. Location unknown. Canx 30-Dec-1985.

• C-GPAZ Sold to Ptarmigan Airways, Yellowknife, NT. Regd 09-Jun-1986. Canx & del to USA 27-Nov-1989.

• C-GPAZ Sold to Rocky Mountain Aircraft, Calgary, AB [Yellowknife Leasing].

• N722CA Sold to Alberta Aircraft Leasing, Las Vegas, NV., 28-Nov-1989.

• N722CA Leased to Markair Express, Anchorage, AK [Hermens Air, Saint Marys, AK dba], 31-Jan-1990

• N722CA Returned to Alberta Aircraft Leasing, Las Vegas, NV., Feb-1990.

• N722CA Change of owner Yellowknife Leasing, Las Vegas, NV., 23-Feb-1990. Canx 29-Sep-1995

• N722CA Leased to Hermens Air Inc, St Marys, AK. Dates unknown but ca 1992 to late 1994 at least.

• C-FWQF Sold to 402677 AB, Calgary, AB., 29-Sep-1995. Canx & del to PNG 09-Dec-1996.

Flew via St. John's, NL - Porto - Muscat 30-Dec/03-Jan-1996 and arrived Port Moresby 06-Jan-1996.

• P2-MBM Leased to MBA-Milne Bay Air, Port Moresby, PNG, 09-Dec-1996.

Flew Port Moresby, PNG -Cairns, QLD 21-May-1997 after lease.

• C-FWQF Returned to 402677 AB, Calgary, AB., 09-May-1997 Regd 30-May-1997.

Ex-Cairns, QLD 25-May-1997, and noted at Calgary, AB 03-Jun-1997.

• C-FWQF Leased to Kenn Borek Air, Calgary, AB., May-1997.

• C-FWQF Sub leased to Air Tindi, Yellowknife, NT., May-1997.

• C-FWQF Sold to Kenn Borek Air, Calgary, AB.,  04-Jul-1997.

• C-FWQF Returned to Kenn Borek Air, Calgary, AB., 21-Sep-1997.

• C-FWQF Sub-leased to Harbour Air, Vancouver, BC., Oct-1997.

• C-FWQF Returned to Kenn Borek Air, Calgary, AB., 12-Aug-1998. Canx & del to Nepal 31-Aug-1998.

Noted at Calgary, AB 20-Aug-1998; via Birmingham -Heraklion 04/05-Sep-1998 on delivery.

• (9N-AEU) Sold to Yeti Airways, Kathmandu, Nepal. Possible error in painting as no record found., 20-Aug-1998.

• 9N-AEV Yeti Airways, Kathmandu, Nepal. Registration corrected 31-Aug-1998.

Note Seen at Calgary with Kenn Borek Dec-2002.

• 9N-AEV Tara Airways, Kathmandu, Nepal. Regd date unknown. Post Oct-2011.

Incident: En Route, 13-Jun-2012. The aircraft was flying from Jumla to Nepalgunj (Nepal) with 19 passengers and 2 crew, was climbing out of Jumla when a bird struck the windshield causing injuries to the first officer. The captain decided to divert the aircraft to Surkhet (Nepal), located about 50nm southwest of Jumla in less difficult terrain, for a safe landing. The first officer received minor injuries; the aircraft received minor damage.

Accident: Jumla, Nepal 09 Jun-2018.  The aircraft experienced a porpoise landing and subsequent runway excursion upon landing at Jumla Airport (VNJL), Kumla, Nepal. The airplane sustained substantial damage upon impact with airport fencing and there were no reported injuries onboard.

The flight touched down on runway 27 and bounced several times before departing the left side of the runway. The nose landing gear collapsed, and the aircraft skidded until coming to rest against a fence abeam the runway 09. There were 3 crew and 18 passengers all of whom were uninjured.

• Current •


C-GPAZ of rigel at Norman Wells - CYVQ, NT.
Photo: Ian M. Macdonald © 1985 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-GPAZ at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: Dave Dunsmore © June 1986 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N722CA at Chevak - VAK, Alaska.
Photo: Thor Johnson © Date unknown
C-FWQF of HARBOUR AIR, at Victoria Inner Harbour.
Photo: Unknown photographer © May 1998 - Erik Johannesson Collection
9N-AEV of Tara Air, at Jomsom - VNJS, Nepal.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 24 October 2013 - Erik Johannesson Collection