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msn 708
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• G-BHTK de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date 20-Aug-1980. First flight 20-Aug-1980.

• G-BHTK Delivered to Loganair, Glasgow, UK., 29-Aug-1980.

• PH-STH Sold to Schreiner Airways, Maastricht, Netherlands, 27-Aug-1985.

Flew Rotterdam, Netherlands - Innsbruck, Austria 04-Sep-1985 for Petroleum Air Seriesvices.

• PH-STH Sold to Leased to Petroleum Air Seriesvices, Cairo, Egypt, 05-Nov-1985.

• PH-STH Returned to Schreiner Airways, Maastricht, Netherlands, 24-Jun-1987.

Flew via Lyon, France to Maastricht, Netherlands 24-Jun-1987 on return.

• 7P-LAO Sold to Lesotho Airways, MaSeriesu, Lesotho. Regd 02-Mar-1988.

• 7P-LAO Sold to World Jet Aircraft International, Fort Lauderdale, FL., May-1992.

• ET-AKJ Sold to RRC-Relief & Rehabilitation Air Seriesvice, Addis Ababa, 24-Mar-1993.

Noted at Johannesburg-Grand Central 24-Mar-1993 as such; at Addis Ababa 01-Dec-1993 all white, no titles.

• ET-AKJ JAS Aircraft Sales & Leasing, Jacksonville, FL., 18-Nov-1997.

• C-GBQD Sold to Borek & Binder Aero Leasing, Calgary, AB (751209 AB, Calgary AB), 16-Dec-1997. Canx & Del 12-May-1998.

Flew via Prestwick, UK - Reykjavík, Iceland 30-Nov-1997, and arrived Calgary 03-Dec-1997 on delivery.

• 9N-AEQ Ordered but not delivered to Garud Air, Kathmandu, Nepal, 08-May-1998.

• 9N-AEQ Leased to Lumbini Airways, Kathmandu, Nepal,19-May-1998.

Departed Calgary, AB 21-May-1998 & via Egilsstađir, Iceland - Marseille, France 23-May-1998 on delivery to Nepal.

• 9N-AEQ Sold to Skyline Airways, Kathmandu, Nepal, by Apr-2001

• 9N-AEQ Sold to Yeti Airways, Kathmandu, Nepal, by-Nov-2004.

Accident: 0,5 km (0.3 mls) E of Jumla Airport , Nepal. 21-Jun-2006 Servicing remote airports in Nepal, the Yeti Airlines Twin Otter departed Nepalganj (KEP) for a flight to Jumla (JUM) via Surkhet (SKH). The flight took off from Surket at 11:35 with 6 passengers, 941 kg of cargo including food grains and three crew members on board. The total take-off weight of aircraft was 12,499 lb (5,669 kg) which included 1,400 lb (635 kg) of fuel.

The weather report at Jumla at that time was fair with bright sunshine and north easterly 02 knots wind. The wind direction had changed at the time of take-off from south westerly.

The aircraft left Surkhet valley and established contact with Nepalgunj Tower as per normal procedure. At 11:49 the aircraft reported 'Virgin Pass', one of the reporting points en-route to Jumla.

At 11:55 the aircraft established contact with Jumla Information and received weather information and runway 27 for landing. Wind was reported being 240 at 4 kts. The pilot decided to use runway 09 and reported turning final at 12:01. The aircraft appeared on final approach with high speed. The captain carried out missed approach without informing Jumla control tower. He coordinated his position and intention to use runway 27 with the pilot of aircraft 9N-AHR operated by Sita Air which was to land 7 minutes behind him. The captain flew over to the right of Jumla control tower, while executing the missed approach and headed towards a hill. The captain then made a sharp left turn with a high bank angle with an intention to land on runway 27 while informing to vacate the runway for trailing 9N-AHR aircraft. During this process the aircraft lost speed as well as altitude considerably and hit the paddy field to the east of the airport. The Twin Otter bounced up and traversed a further 200 feet approximately or so ultimately hitting a terrace, cartwheeled came to rest turning 180 degrees with tail section twisted. It instantly caught fire. Three crew and six passengers died.

Total time: 23,392 hours with 36,092 cycles.

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G-BHTX of LOGANAIR, at Edinburgh - EGPH, Scotland.
Photo: Unknown photographer © August 1984 - Erik Johannesson Collection
Photo: Unknown photographer © July 1987 - Erik Johannesson Collection
9N-AEQ of Lumbini Airways, at Kathmandu - VNKT, Nepal.
Photo: Unknown photographer © December 1998 - Erik Johannesson Collection
Photo: Propfreak Photography © November 1999 - Aird Archives