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msn 703
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300

(G-BHTO) • G-MAIL • F-ODGL • YJ-RV8 • (F-OIAV) •  YJ-RV8 • (ZS-OUL) • P2-MCX


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• (G-BHTO (2)) de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date 18-Jul-1980. First flight 18-Jul-1980. Regd 25-Jul-1980. Not taken up. Canx Mar-1980.

• G-MAIL Delivered to Fairflight Charters, Biggin Hill, UK. 18-Aug-1980. Canx Mar-1981.

Flew via Reykjavík, Iceland 20-Aug-1980 on delivery.

• G-MAIL Sold to Air Ecosse, Glasgow, UK. 19-Mar-1981. Canx Dec-1982.

• F-ODGL Sold to Air Caledonie, Nouméa, New Caledonia, 03-Dec-1982.

• F-ODGL Sold to World Jet Aircraft International, Ft Lauderdale, FL., Aug-1990.

• YJ-RV8 Sold to Vanair, Port Vila, Vanuatu, "Unity", 23-Aug-1990.

• (F-OIAV) Wan Air, Faa'a, Jan-2001 Not Taken Up.

Note: Apr-2000 Shown with Air Melonesi markings.

• YJ-RV8 Merged into Air Vanuatu, Port Vila, Vanuatu, "Unity" , Apr-2001.

(• ZS-OUL) Sold to International Aviation Traders, Sep-2001. Canx Jun-2001. Not taken up.

• P2-MCX Sold to Airlines PNG, Boroko, PNG. 16-Jun-2010.

Accident: Sasareme, Papua New Guinea on 15-May-2012 Sustained minor damage on landing. Although eyewitnesses reported the aircraft "slipped off the bumpy runway and was about to plunge itself into the lake" It would appear more a case of just tire and/or gear damage resulting from the runway condition. The aircraft was carrying 11 passengers and 2 crew, and there were no injuries.

Flew 05-Dec-2013 Port Moresby - Horn Island, QLD - Cairns, QLD. P2-MCX was filed for a trip down to Queensland late in the day – perhaps as the next Airlines PNG Twin Otter that was acquired by HeavyLift.

Flew 30-Aug-2014 Cairns, QLD Horn Island, QLD – returning to Mount Hagen, PNG.

• P2-KSW HeavyLift, Waigani, PNG. Regd 08-Oct-2014.

• P2-KSW Leased to Solomon Airlines, Honiara, Solomon Islands, 05-Mar-2016

Flew 11-Feb-2016 to Cairns, QLD from Port Moresby. On 03-Mar-2016 it was noted again, still all white, however with black Solomons titles. On 05-Mar-2016 it flew Cairns, QLD - Gurney, PNG - Gizo, Solomon Islands on delivery to Solomon Airlines.

• H4-FSI Re regd to Solomon Airlines, Honiara, Solomon Islands, 07-Nov-2016.

• Current •

G-MAIL recently delivered at Aberdeen / Dyce - EGPD, Scotland.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 28 August 1980 - John Mounce Collection - Aird Archives
G-MAIL now owned by AIR ECOSSE at Aberdeen. (Before Google!)
Photo: Peter Murphy © March 1981 - Jay Sherlock Collection - Aird Archives
YJ-RV8 at Port Vila / Bauerfield - NVVV, Vanuatu.
Photo: Joe Barr © 07 April 2000
YJ-RV8 arrives.
Photo: Carol & John Norsup © 10 October 2006 - Erik Johannesson Collection
P2-KSW of Hevilift, at Cairns - YBCS, Queensland.
Photo: FNQ Skies © 22 November 2014 - Erik Johannesson Collection