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msn 692
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300

N549N • N230SA


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N549N de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date 14-May-1980. First flight 14-May-1980.

• N549N Delivered to Seair Sea-Airmotive, Anchorage, AK., 23-May-1980.

• N549N Change of name to Seair Alaska Airlines, Anchorage, AK., Jul-1984.

Note: Seair halted operations on 18-Jan-1986 and filed for bankruptcy protection in Apr-1986.

• N549N Repossessed by First National Bank of Anchorage, 05-Sep-1986.

• N549N Sold to Scenic Airlines, 02-Mar-1987.

• N549N Leased to Empire Airlines, Coeur d'Alene, ID., Jun-1987.

Note: Rolled out at Calgary 11-Jun-1987 in Seair c/s with Empire titles.

• N549N Returned to Scenic Airlines, Las Vegas, NV., Aug-1987.

• N230SA Re regd to Scenic Airlines, Aug-1987.

• N230SA Sold to Twin Otter lnternational Ltd. Nov-1993.

• N230SA Leased to Skywest Airlines (operated by Scenic Airlines), Nov-1993.

• N230SA Change of ownership Eagle Canyon Airlines (operated by Scenic Airlines), 1998.

• N230SA Twin Otter lnternational Ltd., North Las Vegas, NV., 11-Feb-1999

• N230SA Returned to Twin Otter International Ltd., NV.,  Mar-2002.

• N230SA Sold to Bristol Ltd, Las Vegas, NV., 15-Oct-2003.

• N230SA Leased to Scenic Airlines, Las Vegas, NV., by 2003.

• N692AR Re regd to Bristol Ltd., Las Vegas, NV., 15-Oct-2003. Re regd at Grand Junction, CO 16-Aug-2012.

• N692AR Leased to Pro Mech Air, Ketchikan, AK., May-2008.

• N692AR Returned to Twin Otter International, Las Vegas, NV [Bristol Ltd., Las Vegas, NV]. 2008.

Airworthiness Cert 02-Jun-2010. Restricted – Aerial Surveying.

• N692AR Twin Otter International, Grand Junction, CO (Bristol Ltd., Las Vegas, NV). Regd 16-Aug-2012.

Flew 08-Mar-2013 Billings, MT - Calgary, AB 09-Mar-2013 Calgary, AB - Fort St. John, BC. 10-Mar-2013 Fort St. John, BC - Fort Nelson, BC - Whitehorse, YT - Fairbanks, AK.

Flew 04-Apr-2013 Fairbanks, AK - Whitehorse, YT - Fort St. John, BC 05-Apr-2013 Fort St. John, BC - Kalispell-Glacier Park, MT 06-Apr-2013 Kalispell-Glacier Park, MT - Grand Junction, CO.

Note: The aircraft completed its survey contract in Barrow, AK and returned back to the lower 48th. The aircraft has been in Alaska since 11-Mar-2013.

• N692AR. Bank of Utah Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT.( STOL & Go LLC., Sheridan, WY)  Regd 10-Sep-2019.

Flew St Johns, NL – Santa Maria – Palma – Malta between 12 and 15 Sep-2019.

Note: Stored St-Gallen-Altenrhein - LSZR, Switzerland. (Observed 02-May-2022). (Reg expires 30-Sep-2022).

• N692AR Twin Otter International, Las Vegas, NV. Regd 07-Apr-2023.

Note: Noted at Calgary / Springbank - CYBW. (Observed 22-May-2022).

• N692AR N692AR LLC., Kalispell, MT. Regd 01-Nov-2023.

• Current •

N549N of bankrupt SEAIR, with company companions.
Photo: Peter Frei © 03 July 1986 - John Mounce Collection - Aird Archives
N549N for SCENIC, at Las Vegas ex SEAIR.
Photo: Unknown photographer © January 1987 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N692AR at St-Gallen-Altenrhein - LSZR, Switzerland.
Photo: Vico Sanders © 25 March 2022 - Aird Archives
Photo: Mario Richard © 02 May 2022 - Aird Archives
N692AR at Calgary / Springbank - CYBW, Alberta.
Photo: Mike MacKinnon © 22 May 2022 - Aird Archives