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DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300

C-GTYG • (N305EH) • C-GCVI • N320EA • C-FNBL


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• C-GTYG de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date 08-May-1979. First flight 22-May-1979.

Note: Used as demonstrator aircraft May-1979 - May-1980.

• (N305EH(1)) Ordered but NTU to Evergreen Helicopters, Anchorage, AK. 09-Apr-1980.

• C-GCVI Re regd to de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. 10-Jun-1980.

• C-GCVI Delivered to Air Inuit, Dorval, QC. 20-Jun-1980.

Accident: Sugluk, QC 01-Aug-1981 - Overran airstrip by 175 feet, coming to a stop in an area of rocks and boulders after landing downwind. The aircraft was repairable & returned to service by Nov-1981.

• N320EA Sold to Professional Aircraft Marketing Inc., Denver, CO. 03-Apr-1991.

• N320EA Sold to ERA Aviation, Anchorage AK, 05-Apr-1991.

• C-FNBL Sold to Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, Springbank AB, 16-Feb-2007. Regd 07-Mar-2007.

• C-FNBL Sold to 402677 Alberta Ltd., Calgary, AB. Regd 27-Apr-2007. Canx 20-Sep-2007.

• C-FNBL Leased to Air Inuit, Dorval ,QC. Regd. 20-Sep-2007 Canx 27-Oct-2009.

Cadors Kuujjuaq. 20-Oct-2007.. The aircraft operated by Air Inuit, was conducting a visual flight rules (VFR) flight from Kuujjuaq to Kangiqsualujjuaq. At 21:00Z, shortly after takeoff, the crew returned to land because there was smoke in the cockpit. Emergency services were not requested. The aircraft landed normally at 21:11Z.

Flew Springbank, AB - Winnipeg, MB - Wawa, ON - Montreal-Trudeau, QC 10/11-Jul-2007.

Cadors Kangirsuk 21-Feb-2008. The aircraft operated by Air Inuit touched down on a slippery runway at Kangirsuk, with crosswinds at 90 degrees, 20-25 knots. As it was landing, the aircraft skidded and went off the runway into a snowbank. The two flight crew members and three passengers were not injured. The aircraft did not sustain damages. Visibility at Kangirsuk was 1 NM in snow.

Cadors Kuujjuaq, QC 08-Apr-2004. An emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal was heard by the flight service specialist (FSS) at Kuujjuaq (CYVP) for two seconds on the emergency frequency. Air Inuit’s maintenance personnel was contacted and confirmed that it was one of their aircrafts in maintenance, and that the emergency locator transmitter was inadvertently turned on.

Cadors La Grande Rivière 01-May-2008. The aircraft was conducting a VFR flight from Sanikiluaq to La Grande Rivière.The crew made initial contact with the flight service specialist (FSS) while the aircraft was in the MF area 14NM north of La Grande Rivière airport at 1200 feet. The MF area begins at 15NM.

Cadors. Kuujjuarapik. 09-May-2008. The aircraft was preparing to fly VFR from Kuujjuarapik to Sanikiluaq. At the time, Air Creebec De Havilland Dash 8 CRQ921 was one-half NM away in final for rwy 04, and Air Inuit AIE650 another DHC-6 had an ETA of 16:58Z for rwy 22. C-FNBL was taxiing in the manoeuvring area but there was no communication from the crew. When the first communication came, the aircraft was backtracking on rwy 04 before even communicating its intentions and receiving AAS service. The pilot of the C-FNBL, having been advised of the situation, made a U-turn and took off immediately on rwy 04 from the intersection, at 16:54. CRQ921 touched down at 16:54 and AIE650 touched down at 16:59 without incident.

Cadors Kuujjuaq, QC 16-Jun-2008. The aircraft. was preparing for a VFR flight from Kuujjuaq to Tasiujaq. The aircraft was taxiing on taxiway ALPHA. The pilot failed to make contact with the Kuujjuaq flight service specialist and failed to broadcast his intentions. Once the aircraft arrived at the edge of taxiway ALPHA and rwy 13/31, the crew broadcasted the pilot’s intentions and the aircraft positioned itself at the threshold of rwy 31. The pilot said he thought he had broadcasted his intentions, but that he was not on the correct frequency. There was no traffic in the area at the time of the incident.

Cadors Kuujjuaq, QC  23-Jul-2008. The aircraft operated by Air Inuit, was preparing to conduct a visual flight rules (VFR) flight from Kuujjuaq to Tasiujaq For unspecified reasons, the crew rejected the take off from Runway 25 at Kuujjuaq. The aircraft took off at 17:17Z.

• C-FNBL Sold to Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, Calgary, AB [402677 Alberta Ltd., Calgary, AB dba Beau Del Leasing]. Regd 27-Oct-2009. Canx 30-Nov-2009.

Flew Springbank, AB - Calgary, AB - Iqaluit, NU - Keflavik, Iceland - Malmö, Sweden - Larnaca, Cyprus - Muscat, Oman - Male, Maldives 11/16-Nov-2009.

• 8Q-TMV Leased to Trans Maldivian Airways, Male, Republic of Maldives. Regd 09-Dec-2009.

• 8Q-TMV Registered to Trans Maldivian Airways Pvt., Ltd., Male 15-Aug-2013. (no indication of prior transfer to Maldivian Air Taxi).


Accident: Hulhulé Lagoon, Velana International Airport. 27-May-2017. Landing accident on flight from Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort. The aircraft operated by Trans Maldivian Airways, suffered an accident while landing on the Hulhulé Lagoon, next to the Malé-Velana International Airport. The aircraft originated from the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort at 08:08 hours local time. After the accident the aircraft came to rest with the left-hand wing touching the water with an apparently collapsed left hand float attachment. Nine passengers & three crew. No serious injuries.

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C-GTYG at Downsview - CYZD, Ontario.
Photo: Caz Caswell © 09 March 1979 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-GTYG showing off at Paris Air Show.
Photo: Paul Hayes © 1979 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N320EA at Anchorage - PANC, Alaska.
Photo: Ron Kosys © 28 June 1999 - Aird Archives
8Q-TMV at Male.
Photo: Jeremy Denton © 04 April 2013 - Erik Johannesson Collection