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DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 100
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Series 100



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N8082N de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 20-Sep-1967. First flight 08-Sep-1967.

• N8082N Hawaii Jet-Aire, Honolulu, HI. (National Equipment Rentals Inc., New York, NY) Delivered 06-Oct-1967.

• N8082N Name change to Air Hawaii, Honolulu, HI. (National Equipment Rentals Inc., New York, NY) May-1968.

• N8082N Name change to Hawaii Jet-Air Honolulu, HI, (National Equipment Rentals Inc., New York, NY) Hawaii. 1968.

• N8082N Repossessed by National Equipment Rentals Inc., New York, NY Jan-1970.

• N8082N Leased to Air Indies. San Juan, PR. Regd Feb-1970.

Airworthiness date: 11-Sep-1970. Standard

• N8082N Repossessed to National Equipment Rentals Inc., New York, NY. Regd Jan-1974.

Note: Withdrawn from use at Opa-Locka FL.

• N8082N Sold to MAC - Miami Aviation Corporation, Opa Locka, FL. Regd 01-May-1974.

• N8082N Sold to ERA Helicopters, Anchorage, AK. Regd Jun-1975.

• N204EH Re regd to ERA Helicopters, Anchorage, AK. Re regd Oct-1981.

• N204EH ERA Jetair Alaska, Anchorage, AK. Regd 10-May-1985.

Accident: Mekoryuk, AK. 07-Feb-1986. Collided with snow bank and left runway on landing. Aircraft repaired and returned to service.

• N204EH Name change to ERA Aviation, Anchorage, AK, Regd 07-Jun-1989.

• N204EH Sold to Skydive Factory Inc., East Rochester, NH. 14-Jan-1999 & 22-Mar-1999.

• N204EH Leased to Skydive Orange, Orange, NJ Dates unknown.

Incident: Orange County Airport. 13-Jun-2009 The pilot stated that after the 20 skydivers left the airplane, he descended and entered at a 45-degree angle for the downwind leg for landing on runway 08.? Once on the downwind leg of the traffic pattern, the pilot stated that the windshield began fogging up.? The pilot decided to make a 360-degree turn to the right while he wiped the window with a rag. The pilot further stated that the last altitude he remembered being at was 2,000 feet mean sea level. Many of the skydivers had landed in a predetermined landing area, which was a field 0.25 nautical miles northwest of the runway. They reported that the airplane was conducting a low-pass about 30 feet above the ground when its propeller struck a descending skydiver’s parachute. The skydiver was seriously injured when he fell approximately 20 feet and struck the ground, but the airplane landed without incident. A few of the skydivers stated that the jump was a memorial exercise to release the ashes of a friend that recently died. They added that the airplane's low pass was part of the memorial exercise. The winds recorded at the airport about the time of the accident were calm. The pilot did not report any mechanical anomalies with the airplane.

Ferried 29-May-2012 Norfolk-Hampton Roads, VA – Chapel Hill, NC – Jefferson, GA – to Zephyr Hills, FL for use by Skydive City.

• N204EH Returned to Skydive Factory Inc., East Rochester, NH. 23-Apr-2014.

• N204EH Sold to JST Management LLC., Zephyrhills, FL. Regd 03-Jul-2012. Operated by Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL

• Current •


N8082N of JET-AIRE at Honolulu - PHNL, Hawaii.
Photo: Peter Keating © 21 July 1968 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N8082N in AIR INDIES titles at Opa Locka, Florida.
Photo: Nigel Chalcraft © January 1974 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N8082N in ERA colours, at Whitehorse - CYXY, Yukon.
Photo: Gary Vincent © October 1981 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection - Aird Archives
N204EH of ERA, at Anchorage - PANC.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 07 June 1988 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N204EH of Era Aviation at Kenai, Alaska.
Photo: Unknown photographer © May 1995 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N204EH as a jump ship, at Mena - KMEZ, Arkansas.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Erik Johannesson Collection