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msn 607
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N984FL de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date Sep-1978. First flight 26-Jan-1979.

• N984FL Ordered by Frontier Airlines (ntu).

• G-BFYY Re regd to de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON., 22-Jan-1979.

• G-BFYY Delivered to Bristow Helicopters Group Ltd, Redhill, UK., 31-Jan-1979.

Flew via London-Gatwick 15-Feb-1979 on delivery to Redhill; departed 16-Feb-1979 to Lagos, Nigeria.

• 5N-AJQ Sold to Bristow Helicopters, Nigeria, 28-Feb-1979.

Accident: Lagos Airport 23-Apr-1995 After a flight from Port Harcourt, the Twin Otter approached Lagos runway 19L in strong gusting winds and heavy rain. A squall line passed the airport at the time and associated drafts possibly caused the Twin Otter to be high on approach. The captain took over control and tried to steepen the approach. The aircraft was still high, however when crossing the threshold. Shortly after full flaps were selected, the aircraft encountered a microburst with the wind suddenly shifting from 270deg/10 knots to 360deg/50 knots. The rate of descent increased and the aircraft struck the runway hard, nosegear-first. The Twin Otter bounced and ran off the left side of the runway. Full power was applied to attempt a go-around, or to try to get over a large drainage ditch. The aircraft continued with full power between 2 C-130 Hercules aircraft before colliding with a parked Fokker F-27 of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF908).  One crew killed - One crew and seven passengers survived. Aircraft written off.

Note: Remains to Dodson International Parts, Rantoul, KS, last noted 30-Jun-2006.

Written off

G-BFYY after delivery, at Gatwick - EGKK, United Kingdom.
Photo: Unknown photographer © March 1979 - Michael J. Ody Collection
5N-AJQ the sad remains at Rantoul, Kansas.
Photo: Aeroprints © 30 April 2013
5N-AJQ showing the other side.
Photo: Aeroprints © 30 April 2013