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msn 557
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• C-GQYP de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date 15-Aug-1977. First flight 30-Jan-1978.

• YV-184CP Re regd to de Havilland Canada Inc. Downsview, ON., 30-Jan-1978.

• YV-184CP Delivered to Fundavair - Fundacion Venezolana, 02-Aug-1978. Operated on behalf of Apoya al Indigena. “Support the Indigenous”.

Note: Present at Opa-Locka / KOPF, FL., 04-Nov-1978.

• N208JE Sold to Eriksson Aviation LLC., South St Paul, MN, 29-Jan-2007. Regd 30-Jan-2007. Canx 04-Sep-2008.

• C-FWVV Sold to BBS Aircraft Inc., Saskatoon, SK. Regd 17-Oct-2008 & 07-Jun-2010. Canx 26-Jul-2011 to Indonesia.

Note: Having been operated in Venezuela for some 29 years and only having 2,725 hours the aircraft was rebuilt at Airdrie, AB.

Note: The two registrations may never have been carried as there is photo evidence of the fuselage at Airdrie, AB with what appears to show as the Venezuelan registration.

Ferried by Planes & Parts Ltd., from Saskatoon to Jakarta. Jun-2011.

• PK-BRR Leased to PT Aviastar Mandiri, Jakarta, Indonesia. Delivered 23-Nov-2012.

• VH-AQU Unknown Destination Services Pty., Ltd.,Southport, QLD. Regd 14-Dec-2012, who advertised it for sale throughout most of the year.

Flew 01-Jan-2013 Denpasar-Ngurah Int'l - Dili-Comoro Int'l. - Darwin-Int'l. NT. 02-Jan-2013 Darwin-Int'l., NT.- Tennant Creek, NT - Birdsville, QLD. 04-Jan-2013 Birdsville, QLD - Bourke, NSW - Sydney-Bankstown, NSW.

• VH-AQU Worldwide Ferry/Planes & Parts Ltd. of Calgary, AB.

Flew 25-Apr-2014 Sydney-Bankstown, NSW - Coober Pedy, SA. 26-Apr-2014 Coober Pedy, SA - Port Hedland, WA 29-Apr-2014 Port Hedland, WA - Cocos (Keeling) Islands). 30-Apr-2014 Cocos (Keeling) Islands - Gan, Maldives. 01-May-2014 Gan, Maldives - Salalah, Oman. 02-May-2014 Salalah, Oman - Aqaba, Jordan. 03-May-2014 Aqaba, Jordan - Split, Croatia 04-May-2014 Split, Croatia - Berne, Switzerland. Into the RUAG facility. The route was completed in nine days, which included an unplanned couple of days in Port Hedland, Australia to rectify a maintenance issue.

Flew 09-Aug-2014 Bern, Switzerland - Sonderborg, Denmark 11-Aug-2014 Aarhus, Denmark -Prague, Czech Republic - Split, Croatia.

Total time: 2,275 hours.!!

• VH-AQU European Coastal Airlines Regn canx 15-May-2014.

• 9A-TOA Re regd to European Coastal Airlines Jun-2014. Operations suspended 03-Oct-2016. In storage at Bern Jan-2017.

• 9A-TOA RUAG Aviation Schweiz, Emmen. Oct-2016.

Note: Still parked at Bern 14-Aug-2017. On amphib floats with colour scheme but no titles. Moved to Sion for extended storage.

• HB-LON RUAG Aviation Schweiz, Emmen. 17-Dec-2017. Canx 04-Dec-2019.

Note: Stored at Sion - flew Sion - Marseilles 16-Nov-2019.

• 9H-PALMA Isla Air Express, Palma de Mallorca (Mediterranean Coastal Airline Ltd). Regd 08-Mar-2023.

Note: Test flown 19-Jun-2023 from Étang de Berre, 25 kilometres north-west of Maseilles, France.

Note: Currently appears stored at LFML - Marseille, France, 30-Mar-2024.



YV-184CP at Downsview - CYZD, Ontario.
Photo: Fred Guthrie © February 1978 - Rainer Haufschild Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: Fred Guthrie © March 1978 - Erik Johannesson Collection
YV-184CP of FUNDAVAIR, at Miami / Opa-Locka - KOPF, Florida.
Photo: Danny Grew © 04 November 1978 - - Aird Archives
YV-184CP at Airdrie, Alberta.
Photo: Bill Teesdale © 23 July 2008 - Erik Johannesson Collection
C-FWVV stripped of paint at Airdrie.
Photo: Erwinaero ©
C-FWVV heads out.
Photo: Erwinaero ©
C-FWVV running engines at Airdrie.
Photo: Erwinaero ©
C-FWVV at Malmö - ESMS, Sweden.
Robert Ambrose © 25 June 2011 - Erik Johannesson Collection
VH-AQU at Bankstown - YSBK, NSW.
Photo: Jack Hillis © via Michael Greenhill
VH-AQU coming "unstuck".
Photo: Lance Higgerson © December 2013 - Aird Archives
9H-PALMA of Isla Air on Étang de Berre, France.
Photo: Isla Air / KDM © 19 June 2023
9H-PALMA at LFML - Marseilles, France.
Photo: Marco Finelli © 30 March 2024 - John Mounce Collection - Aird Archives