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DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300

N19RA • (N19RE) • N19RA • N147SA • TI-BBQ


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N19RA de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date 02-Apr-1977. First flight 13-Apr-1977.

• N19RA Delivered to Rio Airways, Killeen, TX, 02-May-1977.

• (N19RE) M.S.& C., Killeen, TX (NTU), Apr-1978.

Incident 10-Sep-1982. Crew used incorrect starting procedure. Pilot allowed aircraft to collide with a parked aircraft.

• N19RA Sold to Scenic Airlines, 22-Feb-1984.

• N147SA Twin Otter International Ltd., 28-Mar-1984.

• N147SA Re regd to Scenic Airlines, Las Vegas, NV., Jan-1985.

• N147SA Leased to Lake Powell Air Seriesvice, Lake Powell, UT., 1992.

• N147SA Returned to Scenic Airlines, Las Vegas, NV., 1993.

• N147SA Sold to Twin Otter International Ltd, Las Vegas, NV., 1993.

• N147SA Leased to Scenic/Skywest Airlines, Nov-1993.

• N147SA Change of ownership to Scenic/Eagle Canyon Airlines, Las Vegas, NV., Jul-2001.

• N147SA Returned to Twin Otter International, Las Vegas, NV.,  Mar-2002.

• N147SA Sold to Avro Ltd, North Las Vegas, NV,, 31-Dec-2002,15-Oct-2003.

• N147SA Leased to Scenic Airlines, Las Vegas, NV., 31-Dec-2003.

Accident. Grand Canyon Airport, 10-Aug-2004. While landing the aircraft veered to the left and departed the runway. The aircraft then struck a runway edge light with the nose gear and a frangible taxiway sign with the right main landing gear. Witnesses who obSeriesved the aircraft on final, stated that the nose gear appeared to be turned nearly 90 degrees to the direction of flight. Inspection of the nose tire at the scene revealed cupping that appeared to be nearly 90 degrees to the direction of landing. The swerve made by the aircraft was hard enough to roll the right main tire off of its rim causing it to deflate. It appears that this incident was the result of three interrelated issues. The maintenance of the nose wheel steering centring device and indicator; the design of the nose wheel steering system; and inadequate pilot operating procedures. After recovering the aircraft, the operator discovered that with the cockpit nose wheel steering indicator aligned, the nose wheel steering collar did not quite align with the centring tang which prevented the nose wheel from locking in the centred position while airborne. While it was confirmed that the clearances in the system were within tolerance, when combined, in this case, they apparently prevented the nose wheel from being locked in the centred position. The operator has revised their inspection and maintenance procedures in an effort to maintain tighter tolerances within the nose wheel steering system. Regarding design of the nose wheel steering system, the handle is in close proximity to the yoke and appears capable of being accidentally bumped. This would cause an unlatched nose wheel to move from a centred position as on the incident aircraft. Finally, the operator lacked a procedure that would ensure that the nose wheel was, in fact, centred and latched. This incident has been resolved by the publication of a new pilot procedure to be accomplished both after take-off and before landing. The procedure is to move the nose wheel steering lever up and down in order to feel that the nose gear had mechanically locked into the centre position

• N147SA Returned to Avro Ltd., Las Vegas, NV., 2007. Canx 13-Nov-2007.

• TI-BBQ Leased to Natureair, San Jose, Costa Rica,13-Nov-2007.

• N537AR Twin Otter International (Avro Ltd., Las Vegas, NV). Regd 07-Jun-2012.

Airworthiness date: 20-May-2013.

Flew 28-May-2013, Missoula, MT - Grangeville, ID.

Note: Operated for Leading Edge Air Seriesvices of Missoula on contract to the U.S. Forest Seriesvice base at Grangeville, ID. The aircraft is scheduled to be based at Grangeville for the summer as "Jump 14".

Noted at Murrieta, CA on 08-Mar-2017 presumably undergoing Ikhana's "ReLife" program.

Flew 11-May-2017 Grand Junction – Boise, ID.

• N537AR Contracted to US Forest Services.

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N19RA poses for DHC photographer.
Photo: DHC © April 1977 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N147SA at Scottsdale - SCF, Arizona.
Photo: Chris Buckley © 24 November 1991 - Aird Archives
TI-BBQ at Pavas - MRPV, Costa Rica.
Photo: Tim Spearman © 09 November 2008 - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © December 2008 - Michael J. Ody Collection
TI-BBQ in "toucan" livery, at Pavas.
Photo: Unknown photographer © September 2010 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N537AR at Grangeville / Idaho County - KGIC, Idaho.
Photo: Smez © August 2013