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DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N27RA de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date 20-Oct-1976. First flight 21-Oct-1976.

• N27RA Delivered to Rio Airways, Killeen, TX., 01-Nov-1976.

Airworthiness certificate 02-Nov-1976.

Service Difficulty Report 05-Apr-1979. Hot section inspection found wear between bearing cover and snap ring securing same.

Service Difficulty Report 22-Aug-1980. Right engine flamed out in cruise flight. Found the fuel pump drive coupling failed replaced.

Service Difficulty Report. 20-Nov-1980. Crew noted fuel odour in cockpit found fuel cap leaking

Service Difficulty Report. 14-Apr-1982. Left Engine failed in flight. Found turbine blade failed.

• N27RA Leased to Southern Jersey A/W., Atlantic City, NJ. Jan-1984.

• N27RA Returned to Rio Airways, Killeen, TX. Mar-1984.

Service Difficulty Report. 14-Jul-1983. Air conditioner motor bracket cracked causing belts to slip.

• N146SA Sold to Scenic Airlines, 28-Mar-1984.

• N146SA Re regd with Scenic Airlines, Jul-1984.

• N146SA Sold to Twin Otter International, Dates unknown.

Service Difficulty Report 23-Aug-1987. Pilot noticed after take-off that smoke and heat were coming from lower left-hand captain’s circuit breaker panel and returned aircraft to Las Vegas. Upon inspection found power wire loose and aux battery bus diode shorted. Replaced diode and all systems ops checked ok.

• N146SA Leased to Scenic Airlines, Las Vegas, NV. On USCAR at 03-Feb-1990.

Service Difficulty Report 22-Feb-1988. Left hand engine fire warning came on during take-off roll. When take-off was aborted and throttle pulled back, fire warning went out. Mechanic inspected engine and found fire warning system wiring bunched up, forcing the terminal ends close together at the fire warning detector. Repositioned wiring, ops checked ok.

Service Difficulty Report 04-Jul-1990 Nr 1 left boost pump failed. Circuit breaker, right generator light came on. A few minutes later generator would not reset, 2 minutes later the left generator light flickered on and off. Both radios went out and crew smelled smoke coming from instrument panel. Crew shut off battery and generator and descended 2,000 feet due to no fuel boost pumps. Crew turned on battery and left generator on approach and smelled smoke again. Turned off everything. Replaced right generator switch, nr 1 voltage regulator, right reverse current relay and other equipment.

Accident at unknown location. 13-Jul-1990. Lost directional control on landing rollout. Veered off runway into a dirt area.

• N146SA Returned to Twin Otter International, Oct-1990.

• N146SA Leased to Markair, Anchorage, AK., 09-Oct-1990.

Service Difficulty Report 29-Jan-1992. Upon inspection, found upper wing to fuselage fairings had chafed holes through fuselage skins on left and right sides.

• N146SA Returned to Twin Otter International, by-Nov-1993.

• N146SA Sold to Scenic / Skywest Airlines, Nov-1993.

• N146SA Change of ownership Scenic / Eagle Canyon Airlines, 1996.

Note Two Service Difficulty reports on 31-May-1998 & 07-Jun-1998 show as being operated by Aviation Services West Inc.

Service Difficulty Report 31-May-1998. Crew reported smelling smoke and smell went away after left DC buss was shut down. Maintenance personnel replaced air conditioning compressor motor. Air conditioning system was installed on this aircraft under supplemental type certificate Nr SA4622sw.

• N146SA Sold to Eagle Canyon Leasing Inc., North Las Vegas, NV., 05-Mar-2002. Canx 07-Oct-2003.

• N146SA Leased to Scenic Airlines, Las Vegas NV., 07-Oct-2003.

• N146SA Sold to Monarch Enterprises, Kirkland, WA., 28-Mar-2007.

• N146SA Lease continued with Scenic Airlines, Las Vegas, NV., 28-Mar-2007.

• N146SA Sold to Zuni LLC., Kirkland, WA. Regd 03-May-2007.

• N146SA Lease continued with Scenic Airlines, Las Vegas, NV., 03-May-2007.

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N27RA with partial livery, at Grand Canyon - KGCN, Arizona.
Photo: Unknown photographer © October 1984 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N146SA of Scenic at Las Vegas North - VGT, Nevada.
Photo: Unknown photographer © May 1986 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N146SA of Scenic at Boulder City - BLD, Nevada.
Photo:Kenneth I. Swartz © March 2013 - Aird Archives