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msn 480
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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msn 480

Series 300



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• (TRL-VW) de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON, Rolled out 30-Apr-1976. First flight 08-May-1976.

Noted painted as such at Downsview 30-Apr-1976, 10-May-1976.

• TR-LVW Delivered, Compagnie de Constructions Internationales-Eurotrag, Libreville, Gabon. 19-May-1976.

CCI Eurotrag was the consortium building the Transgabonais railway that began in 1974.

• TR-LVW Sold to Air Affaires Gabon, Libreville, Gabon. Dates unknown.

• C-GIHJ Reported as imported to Canada. 29-Jul-1987. Canx 14-Oct-1987. Not shown on CCAR.

• P2-RDL Sold to Talair, Goroka, PNG, 14-Oct-1987.

• P2-RDL Leased to Metroair, Boracay, Manila. Philippines, Alfredo Carmelo 1991.

• P2-RDL Leased to Aerolift Phillipines, Manila, PI., 1991.

• P2-RDL Returned to Talair, Goroka, PNG., Feb-1992.

• P2-RDL Sold to Southwest Air, Mendi, PNG., Jul-1993.

Note: Withdrawn from use & stored at Goroka, PNG., 25-May-1993.

• P2-SWE Re regd to Southwest Air, Mendi, PNG., Oct-1993.

Flew 02-May-2012. Daru, PMG – Cairns, QLD. 03-May-2012 Cairns – Rockhampton, QLD – Brisbane/Archerfield.

Note: Testflown following maintenance at Brisbane-Archerfield 03-Jun-2012, and then flew to Maroochydore, QLD, Mackay, QLD and on to Cairns 06/07-Jun-2012. After spending the day in Cairns, it flew to Port Moresby, PNG ) on 07-Jun-2012.

Flew 31-Jan-2015 C - Cairns, QLD.

Flew 11-Jun-2017 Port Moresby – for maintenance.

Flew Cairns, QLD – Port Moresby 20-Jun-2017.

• P2-TBM Tropicair, Poert Moresby, PNG. Regd Nov-2017.

• Current •

P2-SWE at Brisbane - YBBN, Queensland.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 01 June 1995 - Michael J. Ody Collection
P2-SWE of SOUTHWEST AIR at Mendi - MDU, Papua - New Guinea.
Photo: Duncan Kirk © 23 April 2000 - Erik Johannesson Collection
P2-SWE in latest livery.
Photo: Southwest Air © 2015
P2-SWE at Kiunga - UNG, Papua New Guinea.
Photo: Adam Robinson © Date unknown