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msn 420
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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msn 420

Series  300



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• C-GOWO de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 18-Jun-1974. First flight 02-Jul-1974.

Ferried via Reykjavik, Iceland - Shoreham, UK 25-Jul-1974 arriving at Luqa, Malta on 26-Jul-1974 departing next day to Cairo.on delivery to Japan.

• JA-8799 All Nippon Airlines, Tokyo, Japan. Delivered 18-Jul-1974.

• JA-8799 NKA - Nihon Kinkyori Airways, Tokyo, Japan. 18-Jul-1974.

• JA-8799 Change of name to Air Nippon, Tokyo, Japan. 01-Apr-1987.

• JA-8799 Leased to Air Hokkaido, Hokkaido, Japan 22-Jul-1994.

Note: Last service for Air Hokkaido 20-Oct-2003.

• JA-8799Returned to Air Nippon, Tokyo, Japan 01-Dec-2003.

• D-ISKY(2) Sold to Nordic Aviation Contractors, Billund, Denmark, 01-Dec-2003.

Ferried Hakodate, Japan 15-Dec-2003, and arrived Skive, Denmark 19-Dec-2003 on delivery.

• PK-YRF(1) Sold to Trigana Air Services, Jakarta, Indonesia, Dec-2003.

• PK-TWG Sold to Transwisata Prima Aviation, Jakarta, Indonesia, 09-Aug-2004.

• HB-LUM Sold to Zimex Business Aviation AG. Operated by Zimex Aviation Ltd., Altenrein Switzerland, 19-Jun-2007.

Ferried Balikpapan - Polonia, Indonesia - Colombo, Sri Lanka - Muscat, Oman - Doha, Qatar - Rhodes, Greece - Altenrhein, Switzerland 21/25-Jun-2007 on return from lease.

Accident Report: Apalapsili, Indonesia 05-Feb-2013 The aircraft was being operated under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) by PT. Trigana Air Service as a charter cargo flight from Sentani International Airport (DJJ/WAJJ), Jayapura, Papua to Apalapsili aerodrome (AAS), Papua. The Pilot in Charge (PIC) had not flown to Apalapsili for 2 years. Prior to the flight, the PIC collected information of the aerodrome and departed after received weather information that the weather over Apalapsili aerodrome was clear. The aircraft departed from Sentani at 0010 UTC and climbed to 8,000 feet on radial 220 JPA VOR. The persons on board were two pilots and one engineer, the Pilot in Command (PIC) acted as Pilot Flying and the Second in Command (SIC) acted as Pilot Monitoring.

At about 25 Nm from Apalapsili aerodrome, the aircraft started descentto 6,000 feet until approaching overhead, the pilots planned to land using runway 15, with intention to observe the runway conditions. Thereafter the aircraft descent to 4,500 feet flew overhead, and then join left downwind runway 15. 

The pilot decided to land with normal approach, the VREF speed (Reference Speed/ target threshold speed for landing) was 70 knots. 

At 0058 UTC, the aircraft touched down on runway 15, during landing roll the aircraft skid.The pilot pushed the right rudder pedal, brake, and engaged the right engine reverse followed by nose wheel steering to the right in order to recover the aircraft to the centre of runway. 

The aircraft stopped on the left of runway 15 about 500 meters from the beginning of runway 15, the nose wheel and Left main wheels trapped on the drainage line. 

The marks on the runway found that the aircraft touched down on not align with the runway bearing the centre of the runway. The marks indicated that the aircraft constantly moved to the left as indicated by straight lines and did not parallel with the runway bearing. 

The marks also showed that the mark of the nose wheel was closer to the right wheel compare to the left on the last part of the aircraft movement. This indicated that the aircraft was faced to the right (skid) while the movement was constant.

The PIC action to recover the situation by applying thrust reverser, brake and nose wheel steering were differed to the technique and statement in the AOM and worsening the condition.

• 8Q-ISH Maldivian (Island Aviation Services), Malé, Maldive Islands.

• HB-LUM Zimex Business Aviation AG. Operated by Zimex Aviation Ltd., Altenrein, Switzerland. Canx 28-Apr-2017/15-May-2017.

Flew 07-Dec-2016 Hassi Messaoud, Algeria - Mahon, Menorca - Montpellier, France.

Test flown from Altenrhein/Saint Gallen 10/20-Apr-2017 following overhaul.

Flew 21-24 Apr-2017. Altenrhein / St Gallen - Heraklion - Unknown location - Muscat – Malé.

• 8Q-ISH Island Aviation Services Ltd., Malé, Maldive Islands. 15-May-2017.

• Current •

C-GOWO on delivery, at Shoreham - EGKA, UK.
Photo: Unknown photographer © August 1974 - Michael J. Ody Collection
JA8799 in service with NIHON KINKYORI AIRWAYS.
Photo: N. Oyama © September 1977 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
JA8799 of Air Hokkaido, エアー北海道, at Osaka / Itami - RJOO, Japan.
Photo: unknown photographer © 30 January 1998 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
PK-TWG of TRANSWISATA at Balikpapan - WRLL, Indonesia.
Photo: M. Radzi Desa © 27 October 2004 - Michael J. Ody Collection