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msn 311
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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msn 311




• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

CF-MPC de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 21-Apr-1971. First flight date unknown.

CF-MPC RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Delivered 24-Jun-1971. Based Regina, SK.

C-FMPC RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Regd Mar-1978. Canx 11-Oct-2000.

C-FBBV Kenn Borek Air, Calgary, AB, Regd 11-Oct-2000.

Ferried to Antarctica between 17-Oct-2011 and 24-Oct-2012 via Calgary, Colorado Springs Brownsville, TX, Libreville, Costa Rica, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Arica, Chile, Punta Arenas, Chile and Patriot Hills Antarctica.

Ferried 16-Oct-2012 Calgary, AB - Colorado Springs, CO - Brownsville, TX. 17-Oct-2012 Brownsville, TX - Liberia, Costa Rica en route to Anyarctica.

Ferried 03-Oct-2014 Calgary, AB - Denver-Centennial, CO - McAllen-Miller, TX 04-Oct-2014 McAllen-Miller, TX - Liberia, Costa Rica and onwards to Antarctica.

Returned from Antarctica. 25-Feb-2015 McAllen-Miller, TX - Cheyenne, WY 26-Feb-2015 Cheyenne, - Calgary, AB.

Flew 15-Oct-2015 Calgary-Int'l, AB - Colorado Springs, CO. Reason unknown.

Flew 18-Feb-2016 Flew Dallas, TX - Gillette, WY continuing on its way backto Calgary, AB. Unclear if these were prts of a ferry flight to and from Antarctica for the 2015/2016 summer season.

To Antarctica 30-Sep-2016 Calgary-Int'l, AB - Denver-Centennial, CO - McAllen-Miller, TX 02/09-Oct-2016 McAllen-Miller, TX - Liberia - Guayaquil - Arica - Concepcion - Punta Arenas – Rothera.

Flew Roatan - Dallas-Addison, TX - Gillette, WY - Calgary-Int'l, AB 25/26-Feb-2017 returning from Antarctica.

To Antarctica 21/22nd Oct-2017 Calgary International, AB – Colorado Springs, CO – McAllen Miller, TX – Liberia en route to Antarctica.

To Antarctica. 27/28 September 2018.

 Flew Hay River, NT  - Calgary International, AB 08-Sep-2019. Possibly for preparation for Antarctica trip.

Flew Calgary International – Denver-Centennial, CO – MvAllen-Miller, TX – Liberia – Guayaquil 11/14-Oct-2019 en route to Antarctica for the 2019-2020 season.

Flew Punta Arenas - Concepcion - Santiago - Arica - Guayaquil - Roatan - Dallas-Addison, TX - Gillette, WY - Calgary-Int’l, AB 02/08-Feb-2020 returning from Antarctica.


C-FMPC at Vancouver - CYVR, British Columbia.
Photo: John Kimberley ©September 1992 - Erik Johannesson Collection
C-FMPC sporting new uniform at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: D. Dunsmore © July 1994 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-FBBV up north at Iqaluit - CYFB, Nunavut.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Erik Johannesson Collection
C-FBBV at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: Ian Kershaw © 20 September 2011
C-FBBV of U.S. ANTARCTIC PROGRAM at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 29 September 2014 - Erik Johannesson Collection
C-FBBV at Iqualuit - CYFB, Nunavut.
Photo: Fiona Hunt © Date unknown.