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msn 299
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• AP-AWK de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 20-Jan-1971. First flight Jan-1971.

• AP-AWK PIA - Pakistan International Airlines. Delivered 17-Feb-1971 De-registered 09-Jun-1972. Sold Oct 1972.

Seen at Luqa, Malta 12-Mar-1971 on delivery to PIA.

• F-BTOS Air Alpes, Chambéry, France. Regd 02-Nov-1972.

• F-BTOS Leased to Publi-Air (op for SABENA). Regd 27-Oct-1975.

• F-BTOS Returned to Air Alpes, Chambéry, France. Regd 09-Nov-1975.

• SE-GRI Syd-Aero, Stockholm, Sweden. Regd 25-Apr-1976.

• LN-FAL Coast Aero Centre, Avaldsnes, Norway. Regd 16-Apr-1987.

• LN-FAL Coast Air K/S Avaldsnes “Valdresfla”. 21-Oct-1988.

• C-GNTH JM & S Aviation Inc. Regd 26-Jun-1998.

• C-GNTH Northern Thunderbird Airlines. Regd 29-Jul-1994.

• N321EA Professional Aircraft Marketing Inc. Regd 26-Jun-1998.

• N321EA ERA Aviation, Anchorage, AK, Regd 30-Jun-1998.

• N321EA Alberta Aircraft Lsg Inc., Las Vegas, NV, Regd 05-Feb-2005.

• N321EA American Exchange Properties. 01-Mar-2007.

• C-FPNZ Ashe Aircraft Entr, (Rocky Mountain Aircraft) Springbank, AB. Regd 01-Mar-2007.

Alberta Aircraft Leasing Inc., Las Vegas, NV, Regd 04-May-2007. Canx 21-Aug 2007. Shown as exported to Canada.

• C-FPNZ Ashe Aircraft Enterprises, (Rocky Mountain Aircraft) Springbank, AB. Regd 28-Aug-2007. Canx 13-Mar-2008 on export to Indonesia.

Accident: Ewer Airport (EWE) (Indonesia) 12 December 2008, The aircraft was being operated by Aviastar Mandiri on a series of scheduled flights from Timika, Papua.The last flight of the day was a return flight from Timika to Ewer, about 36 minutes each way. The copilot was the handling pilot for the flight sector from Ewer to Timika, and the PIC was the support/monitoring pilot.

The Pilot in Charge reported that the aircraft commenced sliding before brakes release, and shortly after commencing the take-off roll the aircraft veered to the right, so he took over control from the copilot. However, he was unable to prevent the aircraft from swinging to the left and it rolled through the centreline to the left side of the runway.

The Pilot in Charge aborted the take off and attempted to regain the runway centreline from the left using nose-wheel steering. That attempt was unsuccessful, and the aircraft veered further left and slid off the runway into wet soft ground on the edge of the marsden matting runway. It came to a stop 360 meters from the departure end of the runway on a heading of 190 degrees.

The Pilot in Charge shut down the engines and instructed the copilot to disembark the passengers. None of the aircraft’s occupants were injured.

The Ewer runway was constructed on swampy ground, using the Marsden Matting to give a solid surface.

CAUSE: "The investigation was unable to determine why the pilots were unable to maintain directional control during the take-off roll. It is likely that in taking control from the co-pilot, and using nose-wheel steering, the Pilot in Charge may have over corrected, resulting in a loss of directional control."

Follow-up / safety actions: The National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) made recommendations to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to require aircraft operators to ensure that airstrips in remote locations have an effective means of communicating with regional authorities in the event of an accident or serious incident

The NTSC also recommended that the DGCA require Indonesian airport operators to inspect the Marsden Matting runway and ensure that there are no exposed locating pins or other objects that could present a hazard to aircraft, and that traction can be assured in wet conditions.

• PK-BRS Aviastar Mandiri Jakarta, Indonesia. Regd 13-Mar-2008.

Accident: Left runway on take-off at Ewer, Papua, Indonesia, 12-Dec-2008; repairable.

Accident: Left runway on landing at Serui 14-Sep-2009; nose gear failure & damage to wing and propeller; repairable.

• Current •

Photo: de Havilland Canada © January 1971 - Michael J. Ody Collection
F-BTOS at Chambery / Aix-les-Bains - LFLB, France.
Photo: Unknown photographer © September 1975 - Michael J. Ody Collection
LN-FAL of COAST AIR, from both sides.
Photo: Unknown photographer © date unknown - Michael J. Ody Collection
Photo: Unknown photographer © date unknown - John Mounce Collection - Aird Archives
SE-GRI visits Copenhagen / Kastrup - EKCH, Denmark.
Photo: Erik Oxtorp © June 1976 - Jay Sherlock Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © Unknown date - Michael J. Ody Collection
SE-GRI at Oskarshamm - ESMO, Sweden.
Photo: Jonny Andersson © 20 July 1982 - John Mounce Collection - Aird Archives
C-GNTH of nt air at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: Anthony J. Hickey © November 1994 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N321EA between flights at Anchorage - PANC, Alaska.
Photo: Ron Kosys © 26 August 1998 - Aird Archives
N321EA working away at Anchorage - PANC, Alaska.
Photo: Stephen R. Peck © 06 May 2006
N321EA of ERA Aviation taking a break at PANC.
Photo: Unknown photographer © June 2007 - Erik Johannesson Collection