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DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
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Series 300



• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• CF-JCS de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out date Jun-1969. First flight 28-Jun-1969.

• CF-JCS Sold to Northward Aviation, Edmonton, AB. (J.C. Sproule Associates, Calgary, AB).  25-Jun-1969  Delivered 15-Jul-1969.

• CF-JCS Change of name to Northward Airlines, Edmonton, AB. (J.C. Sproule Associates, Calgary, AB) Regd 19-May-1972.

• CF-JCS Returned to J.C. Sproule Associates, Calgary, AB, Regd Apr-1975.

• CF-JCS Sold to Gateway Aviation, Edmonton, AB. Regd 27-May-1975.

Incident: Yellowknife NT, Apr-1978 when it broke through the ice on a lake - recovered by a CAF Chinook but dropped TWICE in the process -subsequently repaired.

• C-FJCS Restored after rebuild to Gateway Aviation, Edmonton, AB. Regd date unknown.

• C-FJCS Sold to Gateway Aviation, Edmonton, AB (Crowley Maritime, Oakland, CA.) 22-Jan-1979.

• N250CM Leased to Puget Sound Tug & Barge Co. Regd date unknown. Unconfirmed.

• N250CM Returned to Crowley Maritime. Regd 24-Apr -1979.

• N250CM Jim York. Regd 08-Nov-1985.

Flew via Oakland, CA 11-Nov-1985 – arrived Auckland, New Zealand 22-Nov-1985 & to Ashburton on delivery same day

• ZK-OTR Coastair, Greymouth, NZ. Regd 22-Nov-1985. Named “The Province of Westland” (Ashburton Aviation Services dba)

Note: See and search for Coast Air to find an article regarding Coast Air and the operation of ZK-OTR.

• YJ-RV8 Air Melanesie, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Regd 09-Apr-1987.

• P2-RDX Talair, Goroka, PNG. Regd 23-Aug -1989.

Note: Withdrawn from use & stored at Goroka 25-May-1993, ferried to Cairns & Mareeba, QLD 09-Jul-1993 for storage

Ferried to Brisbane, QLD 12-Jun-1995 for maintenance by Flight West Airlines

• P2-MMU Mendikwae, Goroka, PNG. Regd 27-Oct-1995.

• P2-MMU Goroka Air Services, Goroka, PNG. Regd 27-Oct-1995.

Accident: 8,3 km (5.2 mls) NE of Goroka, 18-Jul-1997. The Twin Otter departed Chimbu at 10:02 for a flight to Goroka. Weather was poor with low clouds and rain. Other aircraft had diverted to Madang, but the Twin Otter crew continued. At 10:08 the crew reported 10 miles west of Goroka at 13,000 feet. Nine minutes later the plane was overhead Goroka (airfield elevation 5,208 feet.) The aircraft descended east of the field until it collided with Mount Yasirua at 7,400 feet. Othe one crew member and one of three passengers killed.

After the accident, pilots were reminded to observe the Visual Flight Rules at locations where there are no published instrument flying procedures, and not to use GPS for primary navigation purposes. 2 killed – Aircraft W/O

Written off

CF-JCS rolled out at Downsview - CYZD, Ontario.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 30 June 1969 - Michael J. Ody Collection
CF-JCS wearing NORTHWARD AVIATION LIMITED titles, at Toronto Island - CYTZ.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 12 July 1969 - Michael J. Ody Collection
CF-JCS at Edmonton City Centre - CYXD, Alberta.
Photo: Unknown photographer © June 1977 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N250CM at Anchorage, Alaska.
Photo: John Kimberley © June 1979 - Erik Johannesson Collection
ZK-OTR of COASTAIR at Ashburton - NZAS, New Zealand.
Photo: Richard Currie © 18 December 1985 - Michael J. Ody Collection
YJ-RV8 at Port Vila / Bauerfield - NVVV, Vanuatu.
Photo: Joe Barr © 24 January 1988
P2-RDX with some associates stored at Mareeba - YMBA, Queensland.
Photo: Peter Keating © October 1993 - Michael J. Ody Collection