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DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 200
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Series 200

N3434 • HK-3643X


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N3434 de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 06-Dec-1968. First flight 12-Dec-1968.

• N3434 MAC - Miami Aviation Corporation. Delivered 03-Jan-1969.

• N3434 Command Airways Inc Regd 03-Jan-1969.

Airworthiness date: 23-Jan-1969.

• N3434 Leased to Air New England, Boston, MA. Regd Jul-1974.

Note: Between Jul-1975 and 01-Jun-1981 there are twenty-nine (29) SDR reports. Plus five others later.

• N3434 Air New England, Boston, MA. Regd 1976.

Note: Between mid Jun-1979 and Jun-1981. Shown as owned or operated by Command Airways Inc., Poughkeepsie, NY.

• N3434 Kodiak Aviation, Ft Wayne, IN. Regd 19-May-1981.

• N3434 Leased to Gifford Aviation on contract to Wien Air Alaska. Regd date unknown.

• N3434 Returned to Kodiak Aviation, Ft Wayne, IN. Regd Apr-1985.

• N3434 Leased to Mountain Air Cargo, Denver, NC. Regd Apr-1985.

Accident: Kent County Airport, Grand Rapids MI.03-Apr-1985.

The pilot with light load of cargo was taking off of 10,000 x 150 ft runway. Pilot said right engine lost power. He reduced power to land as he was 50 ft agl and bounced on second touchdown. The aircraft departed the runway at 45 degree angle. The nose gear broke off. The wind was 30 off the nose at 12k and gusting. The wing cap was destroyed by ground contact. An engine examination, showed no malfunction. The aircraft was ferried out afterwards after structural repair. Aircraft repaired.

• N3434 Returned to Kodiak Aviation, Ft Wayne, IN. Regd date unknown.

• N3434 B & B Partnership, Aberdeen, NC. Regd 09-May-1986.

• N3434 Leased to Mountain Air Cargo, Denver, NC. Regd 09-May-1986.

SDR Incident 28-Mar-1988. Shortly after takeoff from University Park Airport PA, the pilot noticed a fluctuation in the left engine torque and elected to feather and shut down that engine and return to place of departure. Cause of fluctuation in left engine torque was due to the left fuel control unit driveshaft bearing failure caused by a bad bearing or bad bearing seal.

• N3434 Returned to B & B Partnership, Aberdeen, NC. Regd date unknown.

• N3434 Returned to Sound Adventures Air Service, Mossyrock, WA. Regd 17-Oct-1990.

SDR Incident 18-Oct-1990. Right engine beta system armed in flight. As aircraft was halfway to Anchorage base returning from the Lake Creek area, right propeller slowly went into a feathered condition as pilots monitored problem, pilots selected propeller to feather. Engine not shut down in flight.

• HK-3643X LAMA - Lineas Aereas de Amazonia. Regd 23-Aug-1991.

• N3434 Seized by US Dept of Justice, Seattle, WA. Regd 22-Sep-1992.

• N3434 Sherman Aircraft Sales, West Palm Beach, FL. Regd 11-May-1993.

• N3434 Kevin McCole, Brookline, NH. Regd 27-May-1994.

• N3434 Leased to Carolina Sky Sports, Louisburg, NC. Regd by May 2001.

• N3434 Returned to Kevin McCole, Brookline, NH. Regd 2001.

• N3434 Aerohio Aviation, Wilmington, DE, 05-Oct-2001.  Canx 13-Aug-2013.

Accident: Hilty Field, Rittman Ohio 04-Jun-2005 The aircraft was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain following an aborted landing at Hilty Field (OI68), Rittman, Ohio. The certificated airline transport pilot received serious injuries, and the second pilot, also a certificated airline transport pilot, received minor injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan was filed for the local parachuting flight, conducted under 14 CFR Part 91.

During a telephone interview, the second pilot stated that the purpose of the flight was to perform an evaluation of the first pilot, who was recently designated by the operator as a backup pilot. The pilots initially departed and performed three takeoff and landings, with the first pilot in the right seat, and no parachutists onboard the airplane. They then embarked passengers and performed several parachuting flights. The pilots then decided that the first pilot would transition to the left seat. Two additional parachuting flights followed uneventfully. Following the passenger drop on the third flight, the pilots discussed single engine operations. The first pilot subsequently reduced the right engine's power to flight idle, and feathered the propeller. During the final leg of the approach to landing, the airplane crossed over a fence near the runway threshold, and the first pilot pitched the airplane downward. The nose landing gear then contacted the runway "hard," and the airplane began to bounce. After two bounces, the first pilot increased power on the left engine to "full," and pitched the airplane up. He then told the second pilot that he was going to abort the landing, and to reduce the flap setting to 10 degrees. The airplane continued to pitch up, yawed to the right, and "stalled" at an attitude about 25 feet above ground level.

According to a written statement submitted by the first pilot, following several previous flights, the decision was made to demonstrate single engine operations. He performed a practice single engine approach, and missed approach, between 3,000 and 4,000 feet. The pilot then performed an actual single engine approach to landing. During the entire approach, nothing unusual was noted. During the touchdown, "a slight bounce was encountered." The pilot judged that the groundspeed was too fast in order to land within the remaining runway and elected to abort the landing. He added full power and initiated a climb, "at which time the aircraft slid off to the right which resulted in a loss of directional control."

• N3434 Sold to Kavalair LLC., Carson City, NV. 15-Jul-2013.

• N3434 Sold to Airborne Support Group LLC., Reno also on 15-Jul-2013. Later Marion MT as of 03-Dec-2013. Aircraft operating for Skydive Arizona, which is owned by the same persons Larry & Liliane Hill, as the companies shown immediately above.

• N3434 First Coast Air Charter LLC., Jacksonville, FL. Regd 09-Jan-2014. Canx 13-Mar-2018.

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N3434 when still with COMMAND Airways.
Photo: Kobelt © August 1980 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N3434 in Wien Air Alaska colours.
Photo: Unknown photographer © October 1983 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N3434 at Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo: F. Hines © 11 August 1985 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N3434 at Anchorage.
Photo: D. Dunsmore © September 1989 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N3434 doing quite a balancing act at Anchorage's Lake Hood.
Photo: C. Buckley © April 1990 - Michael J. Ody Collection