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msn 154
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 200
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Series 200

N7663 • D-IDHD • SE-FTX • TF-JMD 


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N7663 de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 07-Sep-1968. First flight 16-Sep-1968.

• N7663 Cable Commuter, Ontario, CA. "Miss Bobbie", Delivered 16-Sep-1968.

• N7663 Merged into Aero Commuter, Long Beach, CA. Regd Apr-1969.

• N7663 Name changed to Golden West Airlines, Van Nuys, CA. Regd Jul-1969.

• N7663 Air Indies, St. Thomas, PR. Regd 01-Aug-1971.

• D-IDHD General Air, Hamburg, Germany. "Wangerooge". Regd 27-Jul-1972.

• SE-FTX Syd-Aero, Stockholm, Sweden. Regd 13-Mar-1974.

• TF-JMD (1) Flugfelag Nordurlands, Reykjavik, Iceland. Regd Jun-1976.

• C-FDGV Nakina Outpost Camps & Air Service Ltd., Nakina ON. Regd 24-Nov-1988.

Cadors. 30-Nov-1999 On landing at Fort Hope from Nakina in windy conditions, the aircraft bounced three times. After shutting down, the pilot inspected the nose landing gear, suspecting a flat tire. The tire condition was normal and no other damage was visible. The next flight was to Geraldton, where maintenance performed a more detailed inspection and discovered buckled components inside the aircraft above the nose gear. The company will provide further information as the aircraft is repaired. One (1) S.O.B. -- no injuries.

Cadors 13-May-2005. The North Shore Air Cessna 337D aircraft (C-GNRO) was departing on a VFR flight from Geraldton Airport (CYGQ) to [destination not reported]. The Nakina Outpost Camps & Air Service Ltd. de Havilland DHC-6-200 Twin Otter aircraft (C-FDGV) was on an IFR flight from [origin not reported] to Geraldton Airport (CYGQ). The ceiling at Geraldton was reported as 500 feet overcast. The North Shore Air Cessna departed Geraldton Airport VFR (without SVFR). The pilot's first call was clear of the zone. At the same time, the IFR Nakina Outpost Camps Twin Otter aircraft was shooting an approach to Geraldton Airport. Ops. impact -- unknown.

Cadors 08-Jul-2006. The de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft (registration C-FDGV) with two pilots on board was on a training flight. While landing on runway 27 with a 5-10 knot north/northwest crosswind, directional control of the aircraft was lost and it ran off the left side of the runway and struck a ditch. The aircraft's nose landing gear was sheared off. Neither pilot was injured in the occurrence.

• C-FDGV Kenn Borek Air Ltd., Calgary, AB. Regd 09-Oct-2012.

Flew 22-Dec-2012 Calgary, AB - Edmonton, AB - High Level, AB - Yellowknife, NT.

Flew 21-Feb-2013. Ft. McMurray, AB – Calgary, AB.

Arrived 22-May-2014 Saskatoon, SK on delivery to Osprey Wings.

• C-FDGV Osprey Wings Ltd., La Ronge, SK., 18-Jun-2014. Canx 05-Feb-2016.

• C-FDGV West Wind Aviation Limited Partnership, By Its General Partner, West Wind Management Ltd., Saskatoon, SK. Based La Ronge, SK. Regd 05-Feb-2016. Canx 21-Apr-2020.

Cadors 16-Mar-2016. At the threshold of Runway 18, Vehicle TK80 reported getting stuck in the snow banks. A West Wind Aviation Limited de Havilland DHC-6 Series 200 (C-FDGV/WEW150), from Buffalo Narrows (CYVT), SK, to La Ronge/Barber Field (CYVC), SK, had been on approach; the pilot was able to change course and landed safely Runway 29. Vehicle TK80 was towed back onto Runway 18 and then exited the runway. No further impact on operations.

• C-FDGV Transwest Air Limited Partnership, By its General Partner Transwest Management Ltd., Prince Albert, SK. Regd 21-Apr-2020.

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N7663 for CABLE COMMUTER at Downsview, Ontario.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 16 October 1968 - Michael J. Ody Collection
N7663 with Golden West, at Long Beach - KLGB, California.
N7663 stored, ex AIRSPUR, at San Juan - Isla Grande.
Photo: Unknown photographer © March 1971 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N7663 at Los Angeles.
Photo: Unknown photographer © September 1971 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N7663 for GENERAL AIR at Oakland, California.
Photo: Unknown photographer © July 1972 - Erik Johannesson Collection
D-IDHD of GENERAL AIR, named "Wangerooge".
Photo: Unknown photographer © date unknown - Michael J. Ody Collection
TF-JMD of flugfélag norðurlands HF.
Photo: E. Arnason © 19 Jun 1976 - Michael J. Ody Collection
Photo: Andy Graham © 24 May 1996 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-FDGV of AKLAK AIR, at Inuvik - CYEV, NT.
Photo: James Malone © 05 July 2013
C-FDGV of OSPREY WINGS LTD., at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Photo: Dale Tiedeman © 17 July 2015