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msn 124
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 200
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Series 100

N7255 • VH-TGY • P2-RDH • RP-C-1218• P2-RDH • P2-MBS


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N7255 de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 15-Apr-1968. First flight 06-Jun-1968.

• N7255 TAA Trans Australia Airlines. Accepted at Downsview 21-Jun-1968.

• N7255 Ferried to Australia by Air Capital International, Augusta, KS. Arrived at Brisbane, NSW 23-Jun-1968.

Note: FAA records shows this aircraft as being cancelled from register on 09-Jul-2012!!.

• VH-TGY Registered to Australian National Airlines Commission, Melbourne, VIC., 23-Jul-1968.

Note: This aircraft was transferred to Papua New Guinea to operated TAA's Sunbird Services – 16-Aug-1968.

Returned to the Australian mainland services – 18-Feb-1970.

Transferred to Papua New Guinea to replace Twin Otter 'VH-TGR' – 29-Apr-1970.

Returned to the Australian mainland services – 26-Jul-1970.

Withdrawn from service at Brisbane and stored - 01-Jan-1974.

• VH-TGY Purchased by Island Air Pty., Ltd., Toowoomba, QLD., 26-May-1975. Regd Jul-1978.

• VH-TGY Sold to Aeropelican Intercity Commuter Services Pty., Ltd., Newcastle-Belmont, NSW. December 1976. Regd 25-Aug-1977. Canx 20-Jul-1981.

• P2-RDH Sold to Talair, Goroka, PNG. Regd 20-Jul-1981. Canx date unknown.

• RP-C-1218 Leased to Aerolift Phillipines, Manila, PI. Regd Feb-1987 until Nov-1990. An unconfirmed registration.

• P2-RDH Returned to Talair, Goroka, PNG. Regd 17-Oct-1990.

Note: Withdrawn from service and stored at Goroka when Talair ceased trading 25–May-1993.

Ferried: Goroka – Mareeba, QLD., for storage 16-Jul-1993.

• P2-MBS Sold to Milne Bay Air, Port Moresby, PNG. Jan-1994. Regd 13-Feb-1994.

• P2-MBS Renamed Airlines PNG in 2000. (Had been PNG Airlines since 1997). Canx 14-Sep-2000.

Note: Withdrawn from service at Port Moresby, PNG., Sep-2000.

• VH-MBX Sold to Corporate Air Services, Cairns, QLD,14-Sep-2000. Regd 14-Sep-2000.

Note Although allocated as VH-MBX in Sep-2000, the aircraft was noted at Cairns, in a dismantled condition in Jun-2001 still carrying P2-MBS; noted again at Cairns 14-Apr-2004 and 02-Jun-2007 still as P2-MBS, fuselage now in two sections.

Status unknown

VH-TGY of ISLANDAIR at Eagle Farm / Brisbane - YBNN, Queensland.
Photo: John Rodger © April 1976 - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © January 1978 - Erik Johannesson Collection
P2-RDH of AEROLIFT at Manila.
Photo: Unknown photographer © November 1988 - Erik Johannesson Collection
P2-RDH at Mareeba - YMBA, Queensland.
Photo: Peter Keating © October 1993 - John Rodger Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: Peter Keating © October 1993 - Michael J. Ody Collection
P2-MBS at Port Moresby - AYPY, Papua New Guinea.
Photo: Paul Howard © 1997 - Erik Johannesson Collection