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msn 119
DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 200
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Series 100

N63119 • ZS-PDY


• Registration • Activity and details of Owner/Operator and other historical information

• N63119 de Havilland Canada Inc., Downsview, ON. Rolled out 21-Mar-1968. First flight 10-Apr-1968.

• N63119 Aero Commuter, Long Beach, CA. Delivered 11-Apr-1968.

• N63119 Name changed to Golden West Airlines, Van Nuys, CA. Regd 15-Jul-1969.

• N63119 Leased to Los Angeles Airways, Westchester, CA. Regd Jul-1969.

• N63119 Returned to Golden West Airlines., Van Nuys, CA. Regd 29-May-1973.

• N63119 MAF - Missionary Aviation Fellowship, Redlands, CA. Regd 20-Jul-1983.

• N63119 Grecoair Inc., El Paso, TX. Regd Nov-1985.

• N63119 Transferred to St Lucia Airways, Castries, St Lucia. Regd 05-Nov-1985.

Noted at Miami 05-Nov-1985 and Saint Croix 11-Nov-1985.

• N63119 Returned to Grecoair, El Paso, TX. Regd 21-Feb-1986.

• N63119 Leased to Seagreen Air Transport, St. Johns, Antigua. Regd 1988.

• N63119 Returned to Grecoair, El Paso, TX. Regd 1988.

• N63119 Leased to Air Anguilla. Charlotte Amalie, Anguilla, USVI. Regd 13-May-1988 & 02-Jun-1988.

• N63119 Repossessed by Grecoair, El Paso, TX. Regd 03-Sep-1994 15-Apr-1996.

• ZS-PDY Reported as transferred to Aero Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia. Apr-1996. However, no record of sale or lease.

Modification: 22-Apr-1996 Installed three 145.0 US gallon aluminum fuel tanks in the cabin area for ferry purposes only. Temporary tanks were installed by Northeast Air using the following drawings: NAI td049, NAI tf002, nai tf002, NAI ps002, NAI v019, NAI m032, and the installation was performed per NAI installation instructions DCH-6 kit. Temporary tanks are placed on a wooden platform in the rear passenger seat location. Temporary tanks are secured to cargo tie downs with 1,000 lbs. Load hugger straps. The temporary tanks are placarded for max. Capacity, and fuel type. The temporary tanks are pressure checked to 3.5 psi. Fuel from temporary tanks is feed into the internal fuel tanks #1 and #7 by temporary on- off valves, appropriate fittings, and low pressure hoses. Temporary tanks are tied into the existing aircraft vent system. Temporary fuel system was checked for operation at this time of installation and was determined to be satisfactory. This fuel system has been installed in accordance with the standard practices found in ac 43.13-1a. Weight and balance for this temporary fuel system was calculated and submited to the flight crew. Operating instructions are submitted to flight crew and is also attached to this 337. See 337 for further info.

Ferried via Goose Bay, NL – Reykjavik, Iceland - Palma de Mallorca, Spain 28-Apr-1996 as part of the delivery route.

Noted at Lusaka 24-Mar-1997 & Johannesburg 07-May-1997 in full Air Zambia colour scheme.

• ZS-PDY Iron Mountain Plant Sales, Boksburg, Gauteng, SA. Regd 24-Nov-2003.

• ZS-PDY Leased to Air Bokanda, Pretoria, SA by Mar-2006.

• ZS-PDY Iron Mountain Plant Sales, Boksburg, Gauteng, SA. Returned by Oct-2006.

• ZS-PDY Aircraft Africa Contracts, Lanseria, SA. Regd 09-Jan-2008.

• N323SJ Desert Sand Aircraft Leasing, Carson City, NV. Regd 31-Jul-2008.

Note: 14-Aug-2008. Still at Lanseria in an Executive Turbine Colour scheme with its new US registration.

Modification: 20-Aug-2008. Installed 4 ferry fuel tanks using dehavilland aircraft supplement 1 for a DHC-6-300 (weight and balance information & limitations-ferry fuel system installed in cabin) as a guide only. The tanks measure 36.0" x 36.0" which gives 9.00 sq. ft of floor coverage. Floor loading is 200 lbs. Per sq. ft. By the area of each tank and floor loading each tank can weigh up to 1,800 lbs. As long as gross weight and cg are not exceeded. These tanks are limited to 255 gals or 1708.5 lbs. For this ferry operation (see ferry weight/balance sheets) the tanks were positioned at stations 144.0, 196.0, & 248.0, & 300.0 so as to distribute the weight. Each tank is secured in the aircraft by 2 each 10,000 lbs. Cargo straps running front to rear and 6000 lbs cargo rings. The cargo rings are attached to the floor rails that are certified in all direction to 1400 lbs. Each (see aircraft weight and balance manual "floor loading and tie-down locations".) All 4 ferry tanks are able to transfer fuel to either the forward aircraft tanks or the aft tanks by gravity. Each tank is connected in line by 3/4" id pvc braided flexible tubing which feed to open or closed manual valves located between the pilot and co-pilot seats. The aircraft belly fuel tanks (4 forward inter connected & 4 aft inter connected) are factory vented by two 3/4" main vent lines running down each lower side of the interior cabin wall, then connected to each tank indivi- dually on both sides and then vented outside the aircraft. The right side forward #1 tank & the #3 aft tank vent lines were disconnected at the tank to line connection. The 3/4" braided flexible lines running from the manual valves are connected to the fuel #1 forward & #3 aft

Ferried Santa Maria, Azores – St John’s NL – Bangor, ME on delivery 25-Oct-2008.

Airworthiness date 21-Dec-2008.

Ferried 09-Mar-2012. Rosharon-BB Airpark, TX - Weatherford, OK - Torrington, Great Falls, MT – Springbank, Calgary, AB The aircraft left the Skydive Spaceland facility on return to Desert Sand Aircraft Leasing, and was initially ferried up to Springbank for some required maintenance items to be taken care of. After a stay of a few days, the aircraft routed towards Keflavik, Iceland. 13-Mar-2012 Springbank, Calgary AB - Thompson, MB - Iqaluit, NU 14-Mar-2012 Iqaluit, NU - Keflavik, Iceland. (7hr 42min) 15-Mar-2012. Keflavik, Iceland - Wick, UK. 16-Mar-2012 Wick, UK - Altenrhein, Switzerland. Reason for flying to Switzerland was for a complete overhaul and installation of PT6A-34Engines..

• N323SJ Sold to Twin O Inc., Wilmingon, DE (Address is that of Corporation Service Company, a business representation company). 12-Mar-2012. Regd 02-Apr-2012.

Ferried 27-Sep-2012 flying Altenrhein, Switzerland - Wick, UK - Keflavik, Iceland. 29-Sep-2012 Keflavik, Iceland - Cape May, NJ. 30-Sep-2012. Cape May, NJ - Marion, SC. 30-Sep-2012. Marion SC – West Palm Beach, FL.

Ferried 26-Jun-2013 North Palm Beach-County, FL - New Smyrna Beach-Massey Ranch, FL - Hampton-Clayton County, GA - Memphis-Gen. Spain, TN. 28-Jun-2013 Memphis-Gen. Spain, TN - Iola, KS) - North Platte, NE - Torrington, WY - Bozeman-Gallatin, MT.

Incident: Bozeman-Yellowstone International, MT. 08-Jul-2013. The FAA ASIAS system reported minor damage occurring in an excursion from the grass runway that parallels 12/30.

Ferried 09-Aug-2014 Monterey, CA - Napa, CA 11-Aug-2014 Napa, CA - San Francisco, CA.

Note For sale, May 2020.Total time. 28,958 hours. Modifications. In 2012 received a ground up restoration including brand new -34 engines and props, Garmin avionics and radar as well as air conditioning. Only 10 seats.

Flew Bozeman, NT – Saskatoon, SK – Thompson, MB – Iqaluit, NU – Keflavik 03-05-Oct-2020 on its way to Zimex at Altenrhein/St. Gallen.

• N323SJ To Phongsubthavy Group Road Building & Irrigation, Vientiane, Laos, 16-Nov-2020 (Stefenelli Aviation N-TR Trustee, Attersee, Austria) Registered 23-Nov-2020.

• Current •

N63ll9 of AERO COMMUTER, at Long Beach - KLGB, California.
Photo: Terry Waddington © June 1968 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N63ll9 of Golden West at Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Unknown photographer © date unknown - Erik Johannesson Collection
N63ll9 at Miami - KMIA, Florida.
Photo: Nick Mills © June 1987 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N63ll9 in AIR ANGUILLA markings.
Photo: Unknown photographer © February 1992 - Erik Johannesson Collection
N63119 two images with AERO ZAMBIA titles, at Johannesburg, RSA.
Photo: Unknown photographer © November 1998 - Erik Johannesson Collection
Photo: Unknown photographer © November 1998 - John Mounce Collection - Aird Archives
N63119 at Johannesburg, RSA.
Photo: Unknown photographer © February 2002 - Erik Johannesson Collection
ZS-PDY at Lanseria-FALA, RSA.
Photo: Unknown photographer © January 2004 - John Mounce Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: Propfreak © 08 June 2008 - Aird Archives
N323SJ at Altenrhein - LSZR, Switzerland.
Photo: Tino Dietsche © 20 September 2012