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Photo: 298 F-RACD (298) at Prestwick - EGPK, Scotland - Ian Howat © 26 July 2018
Photo: C-FVAM (950) at Anadyr Golny - UHMA, Siberia, Russia - Mikhail Mardamshin © 10 July 2018
Photo: C-GVFP (949) at Victoria - CYYJ, British Columbia - Tim Martin © 24 May 2018
Photo: C-GFVT (951) at Victoria - CYYJ, British Columbia - Tim Martin © 18 April 2018
Photo: N322AV (320) at San Marcos - Steve O'Brien © Date unknown
A "work in progress" - using as a starting point, the extensive research and photo collections of Michael J. Ody. Thanks Mike - RIP!

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Compilation, additional detailed research and photographs - by our illustrious team members:

Erik Johannesson, Ian S. Macintosh, and Neil C. Aird.

A special thanks to photographer Tim Martin of Victoria, who catches most, if not all, of the New 400's.

Suplemental archival research Erich Kunz, Ian M. Macdonald, Terry Judge and Sheldon D. Benner.

We acknowledge donation of the fine work contributed by many photographers, worldwide.

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Designed by Neil Aird for the Royal Candian Mint, a $20.00 coin honouring George A. Neal, test pilot of de Havilland Canada.

George passed away at age 97 on 04 April 2016 - Blue Skies sir!

Design and photo: Neil Aird © 1999

Sketches for coin certificate: VP-FBC (787) and CF-TVO (334) Neil Aird © 1999
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